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Crystal Light's fruity drinks never used to have caffeine. They do now and I found that out the hard way. They began adding caffeine to some of their fruity drinks just recently and redesigned their boxes. I bought 5 different flavors and 3 of them are fine and 2 of them have caffeine. The boxes look identical unless you really study them. I am pretty upset with Crystal Light. If they are going to suddenly add something new to something so old, they should make it obvious. This looks like they tried to hide it.....
[QUOTE=dina3971;4823231]This looks like they tried to hide it.....[/QUOTE]

I agree. The name of the game, for food companies, is: How can we fool the public? If a food company puts a lot of sugar and a drop of honey in their cereal, they might call it, "HONEY NUT CEREAL". After all, "sugar nut cereal" doesn't sound healthy. :) This is the processed food business.

Anyway, at one time, I used to buy canned fish and it wasn't from China. I figured I would trust any place but China because of their record on polution. So I just kept buying a few cans every so often and didn't bother reading the whole label because the can always looked exactly the same. Then one day I looked at the side of the can and it said: "Product of China".

I felt the same as you did, like I had been tricked. :eek: :(
Thanks for the tip! I always drink Crystal Light after I exercise instead of water because it goes down easier, but if caffeine is in there, it's a diuretic. It's not doing me any good.

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