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Calorie wise:

Digestive biscuit plain (each one)
Calories: 75
Carbs: 10g
Fat: 3g
Protein: 1g

All Bran (2 cups - a single serving is 1/2 cup)
Calories: 320
Carbs: 92g
Fat: 4g
Protein: 16g

Fat free milk (cup)
Calories: 86
Carbs: 12g
Fat: 0g
Protein: 8g

Fat free yogurt (9 oz or 250 g = serving and a half )
Calroies: 255
Carbs: 54g
Fat: 2g
Protein: 7g

Crackerbreads (each one)
Calories: 19
Carbs: 4g
Fat: 0g
Protein: 1g

Brown rice (1 cup)
Calories: 218
Carbs: 46g
Fat: 1.6g
Protein: 4.5g

Juice is around 120 calories per cup too and 30g carbs, zero protein.

You are eating over 85% of your diet as carbs.

I personally aim for 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat in my diet.

The golden rule is: 40-50% Carbs, 25-35% protein, 20-30% fat. Under 2500 mg of sodium and over 25 grams of fiber. Above 1200 calories per day female or 1500 per day male or your body goes into starvation mode and doesn't want to let go of any fat. Your max calories per day depend on how active you are and how well your metabolism works.

I hope this help you with your diet concerns. :)

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