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Good question!

The most important thing is, there are different forms of Vitamin A out there. The kind you get from animal products and from some vitamin pills is the active form. It's easy to overdose on, and the overdose is particularly dangerous to women in early pregnancy.

Plants have something called Beta Carotene, which your body turns into Vitamin A as needed. This makes it much harder to overdose. However, excess is still not a great idea, and stuffing pounds of veggies into a juicer might just provide enough beta carotene to OD.

In general, juicing is unnecessary. You don't need mass quantities of veggies, even while pregnant. Eating a handful of carrot sticks is plenty, and the fiber in the whole fruits and veggies will keep your bowels regular. Whole fruits and veggies also slow down digestion, keeping your blood sugar balanced.

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