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Food Intolerance?
Jan 23, 2013
Hello all, I'm not sure if this is the proper thread or not but I'll give it a shot anyway.

For quite a while now, I've had strong stomach pains after eating eggs and egg products as well as bananas. This was strange to me, but I generally just avoid eating them when I can so as not to feel sick. Eggs when baked into things are fine (ie. in a cake) but when they are cooked onto something (ie. french toast) or by themselves (boiled, scrambled, fried, etc...) it's a definite no. I chocked this up to an egg intolerance as it is only when cooked in certain ways or small quantities. Similarly, bananas make me feel very sick as well (bananas, sometimes banana bread or muffins)- intense stomach pains, almost like cramps, however I feel fine when I eat them cooked (such as banana tempura - deep fried cooked banana). I'm just curious as to whether this is a possibility or not. I'm definitely not big on self-diagnosis, just looking to get some information.

As of late, I've noticed I feel stomach sick after eating a lot of foods. What I think of the most is muffins, as I eat them as a quick snack at school. No specific flavour or type, just whatever I feel like at the time. I get really bad stomach aches but don't actually vomit or go to the bathroom (though I feel like I need to). The other day after eating, I felt very spacey and strange. I was sitting in class doing the work but felt as though my whole upper body was a little bit weak, and felt funny along with the stomach pains. I'm not sure if this is anything at all, or just my imagination; again just looking to get any sort of information.

I'm a healthy 22 year old college student. I don't have any disorders or medical issues, I'm not stressed and I eat healthily and exercise regularly. I'm of normal weight for my height (5'2", 105 pounds) and have been around this weight/height for many years.

Thanks in advance for any information! :)

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