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Greetings! Welcome to the diet and nutrition healthboard. A nutritionist might help a person tweak their diet if desired. I feel it is very important to have a wide variety of foods. If there are any fruits, grains, nuts, or vegetables that have been left out in the diet it should be used immediately. One expensive one might replace two cheaper items if a budget is real tight. Dry items such as a sack of flour for bread making generally contain a fair amount of nutrition in them for the weight and money but those containing water should not be avoided or eliminated for the purpose of money.

I do not see any citrus fruits in this diet so that may need an improvement. There may be other organic fruits that can be grown in a container or obtained for very little. Apples are a superior fruit. If expensive foods are grown then the money can be used for the cheaper things. A different store, farmstand, or area may also have a variety of foods that the one usually shops does not have, contributing to a variety in the nutrients one can get.

There are other types of nut butters for occasional variety if desired such as almond butter, and sunflower butter. For the most part I do not recommend cashew butter because part of the original plant is said to be poisonous. That is not to say that it can never be eaten, only to say I would not use much. No more than 1/6th to one tenth part of a diet should be of the nut foods in my opinion. They are harder to digest.

I would grow a lovely organic garden if at all possible to grow things that otherwise could not be obtained. A pretty container garden might be better than nothing if this cannot be done. In our times that we live I feel it is important for everyone to learn how to do this for both nutrition and finance.

I would not use very much maple syrup as it is sweet and may lower immune system. I would not use ginger it is too spicy for the stomach in my opinion.

Because women sometimes have trouble with ovaries on ginger who knows what sort of hormonal effect it might have on men so that is another reason I do not recommend it.

Personally I would use nutritional yeast instead of brewers yeast it may contribute to the vitamins and have a better flavor.

I would not use any fermented food or cultured wheat foods if possible as it has potential to contribute to gas. I would chew all food eaten as thoroughly as possible mixing it well using small bites. If there are medical symptoms they might need investigation with a professional but everyone makes their own healthcare decisions. Peace, sjb :)

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