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... If you find yourself wanting food, just try to make sure that its something somewhat healthy, an apple versus a twinkie! Otherwise.. ... (8 replies)
... So for the past few weeks food in general just hasn't been tasting good. ... (1 replies)
... We must simply train ourselves away from the connection that BECAUSE THERE IS FOOD WE MUST EAT! We are NOT likely to suffer a famine in the United States next month! ... (8 replies)

... famine period and food is abundant but we have choices and we should choose wisely by eating food that is high quality and dense so that we don't go hungry a few minutes after eating. ... (8 replies)
... You need to watch what you eat so you don't get overweight. If you find yourself on a crave for food you know you don't need, don't give in. Drink water to full yourself. When eating, eat slower because it takes your body time to recognize when your full. ... (8 replies)
... calorie counts of any food by heart, I didn't know a thing about actual nutrition. ... (4 replies)
... hey there. i've been vegetarian for almost 12 years, since age 12, and vegan for the last three of those. when i was (ovo lacto) vegetarian, i wasn't very health conscious, basically i'd given up meat because i didn't like the idea of animals being killed to feed me when it wasn't necessary for me to eat them to survive. recently though, i have become very interested in... (34 replies)
... Yeah, don't think I'll be going to the doctor's anytime soon. He was wanting to prescibe diet pills at first but I told him I wouldn't take them. I just want to know "why" OR "what" is causing this. ... (12 replies)
... Oh, how I wish I could believe it were just a matter of wanting to hide secret formulas. Unfortunately, I've read to much about how the food industry operates. ... (8 replies)
Night time
Aug 1, 2001
... In addition I've found hot liquids to soothe my stomach if it's making noise or feeling funny 'cause it's wanting food. Decaf tea or coffee or just hot water. ... (9 replies)
... ets of grandparents are all very healthy people and have never been over weight in fact a bit under, don't eat hardly any processed foods, home make all of their food and enjoy a sweet now and again but don't really watch what they eat they just eat healthy food. ... (15 replies)
... chore aside from not wanting to make a roast for one and left overs all week long. ... (11 replies)
... Being a vegetarian, though, has cut out a lot of things from my diet, such as McDonalds and other fast food restaurants. ... (7 replies)
... ecovered from a famine and havent quite completed the feasting part of the cycle. this means the body is sending strong signals for fuel continually, because of wanting to maintain those fat stores but also to fuel your present activity which includes more weight or bulk to move around. ... (27 replies)
Oreos banned?
May 14, 2003
... is supposed to cause cervical cancer in women. As far as children wanting stuff...There's always "NO." My son beggs for a lot of stuff and is very persistant, but we still say "NO. ... (12 replies)
... r have them.. but we did find some low fat fudge pops that she really does like..I think her weight problem for me just breaks my heart to see other children not wanting to play with her and looking at her now she's getting to the point she don't even wanna go outside to play.. ... (12 replies)
... ise. then you have to keep eating teh way you did to get fat in order not to lose it, in other words don't go back to eating the way you did before gaining, and wanting to gain, otherwise you will swing the pendulum the other way where the body doesn't expect famines anymore and thus it gets you to lose fat. ... (6 replies)
Healthy Eating
Sep 30, 2004
... da and as much juice as you can too. Enriched flour is the labels to help you pick healthy snacks. The first few weeks trying to eat new things is always the hardest but it gets easier and then you get to the point of no longer wanting junk food. ... (4 replies)
... ck pot. Yes indeed she made some good meals that way. I am slowly coming around I guess. I say slowly. Just a couple years ago I would eat those processed frozen food dinners and what not. But they can be so expensive and not the most healthy. ... (11 replies)
Any tips?
Jan 9, 2004
... I'm wanting to start to eat healthier, not to loose weight but to honour my body and stay healthy. I've tried so many times to give up junk food but I always give in, so any tips on how to not give in? ... (1 replies)

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