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... These "urban legends" will never die. After a trillion doses are consumed the babble about how aspartame causes evey disease from lupus to Parkinson's goes on an on. ... (80 replies)
... I am a diabetic and I have used Aspartame all of mt life. If I found out tomorrow that I had cancer I would not go and blame it on Aspartame. There are too many other things that may have caused it. ... (80 replies)
... Look up for your own sake, it's not an urban legend. It goes as far as there being aspartame survivers centers in the US. ... (80 replies)

... I just wanted to give a 'heads up' about aspartame. A lot of what I am reading here regarding it is called an 'urban legend'. I drink Diet Coke on almost a daily basis, where as my sister-in-law won't so much as chew a piece of sugarless gum due to what she has 'read' on the internet about apartame and the like. For those of you who love Diet Coke and are hesitant to... (80 replies)
... heir life and suddenly they develop cancer...they dont want to accept that they may not know what caused they will latch on to the theory that it was the aspartame that caused it....It will make them feel better because they then have something to blame. ... (80 replies)
... you ever Jay Walk? Drive a car? have better chance Dieing do those...among other things....then you do getting cancer from aspartame. Say you like to be on the careful side is the like saying you wont go in a car because you could be in an accident, or you wont cross the street cause you might get hit by a car. Actually it is worse then that since people die in car... (80 replies)
... tudies were presented that SHOWED stevia to be safe when used as a food additive. For approval, such studies must be DONE and PRESENTED before they are approved. Aspartame manufacturer did the tests and proved it was safe...and the FDA agreed. ... (80 replies)
... A study in rats links the popular artificial sweetener aspartame to a wide range of cancers, but industry officials charge that the research is badly flawed. ... (80 replies)
... Its Like if Someone Says they dont eat aspartame because of the chance of cancer and then continue to smoke their cigarette. ... (80 replies)
... nutrition board and that means foods that are nutritious in our daily diet and I doubt anyone would argue the fact that aspartame is nutritious since it is not. ... (80 replies)
... s, these artificial sweeteners are harmful to us. They are simply not natural, and I think our bodies don't really want them! I even read recently that consuming aspartame contributes to low serotonin levels. ... (80 replies)
... So the American Diabetes association is in on it as is the Canadian diabetes association and the Canadian Cancer well as Ever othe association in the world????????? And Guess Who Benefits if it can be proven Dangerous? The Sugar Companies! you dont they they have everything to gain by helping spread the rumours of the dangers? Lets say for a minute that... (80 replies)
... ple take personal choices, weighing possible down sides and positive effects. Not stepping in a car makes my life a HELL of a lot more difficult. Whereas cutting aspartame from my diet doesn't give me any inconveniences whatsoever. ... (80 replies)
... Well, I avoid aspartame like the plague. Not too difficult though because I never drink soda... I have no idea if there really is a link between aspartame and cancer, but I like to be on the careful side. ... (80 replies)
... In its report on aspartame, the American Cancer Society concludes that "current evidence does not demonstrate any link between aspartame ingestion and increased cancer risk. ... (80 replies)
... low is sacchrin not aspartame. Aspartame is equal or nutra sweet. ... (80 replies)
... Just had to respond to this one. I don't believe I said we were "overlooking THE point". I believe I stated "I think there is a very important issue being overlooked here". It was all part of the assertion that overall, the chemical assault on our bodies is in overdrive. (80 replies)
... is that it's the general trend towards pumping our bodies with all these chemicals. Maybe its not Aspartame alone. Maybe it's no individual chemical. ... (80 replies)
... oh, I also forgot to mention that the original topic of this post was about aspartame specifically, not the American diet in general, so to your comment about "overlooking the point," I call B.S. ... (80 replies)
... :bouncing: :bouncing: Applause Applause..not only a well educated post but also one that was written from experience. My sentiments exactly. (80 replies)

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