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Atkins headache?
Oct 3, 2003
... I am on day 5 of Atkins. For the last 3 mornings I have woke up with a severe headache. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it some type of withdrawl from sugar, caffeine, etc? I was ok the first 2 days, then the headaches started. I hope this ends soon! Thank you for any reply. Gail (2 replies)
... Think about how difficult it must be for the body to convert from using sugar as it's main fuel to using fat as it's fuel. That's why you get a headache and a weak feeling. It's a huge adjustment but a healthy one. It's bascially withdrawal from a "drug. ... (16 replies)
... But planning on going on Atkins only until you lose the weight is not the best approach. Cutting carbs is a long term venture. With Atkins one starts by severely limiting carbohydrates and then adding them back gradually. ... (50 replies)

... is white things, like sugar, rice, potatoes, flour, white bread etc. But veges are wonderful good carbs and no one who does low carb right limits these. As for Atkins filing bankruptcy. Do you realize the "Atkins Company" is just a company with his name on it. Dr. ... (16 replies)
... so is atkins worth buying? ... (50 replies)
... Everybody disagreeing with the Atkins way of life is confusing the entire diet with the first 2 week "induction" period. ... (50 replies)
... I see no meats on this plan so I will assume you are a vegan. What is your blood glucose level...say an hour after a meal? Have you ever had blood lipid profile done? If so, what is your triglyceride level? Total cholesterol is not a good indicator of overall susceptability to heart disease, so what is your cholesterol ratio? Do you supplement to acquire B12? (50 replies)
... Thanks junkbondtrader for sticking up for me and the right diet. Yes i am aware that atkins lets you eat fruit but only certain ones like berries. Is there anyone so ignorant out there that they think other fruit is bad for you? ... (50 replies)
... I think you are misunderstanding the concept. When people do Atkins, the induction phase is designed to accomplish two things. Stabilize the blood sugar Promote the burning of stored fat. Carbs inhibit the burning of fat due to the insulin produced. Insulin actually blocks the burning of fat stores as a protective mechanism to prevent fat from competing with glucose for... (50 replies)
... If someone is checking for ketone bodies in their urine as a sign of progress on a low carb diet, that means they are striving for ketosis, which by definition means consumption of insufficient carbohydrates for the brain and nervous system. (50 replies)
... plan like I do otherwise. What you eat seems to work great for you, but you can't knock what works for someone else. Just as you didn't like what you felt on the Atkins plan, I do not like the dizziness and nausea I get from eating all those carbs. ... (50 replies)
... Thanks junkbondtrader for sticking up for me and the right diet. Yes i am aware that atkins lets you eat fruit but only certain ones like berries. Is there anyone so ignorant out there that they think other fruit is bad for you? ... (50 replies)
... Atkins dieters do eat a moderate amount of carbs daily. There have been many studies done on Atkins. There is no scientific proof of any of the things you say Atkins does. You misunderstand the diet. There are plenty of good carbs, fruits and vegetables in the eating plan. ... (50 replies)
... other than dr. atkins might know what they're talking about. ... (50 replies)
... Actually a LC diet lowers triglycerides and cholesterol in most people. When on Atkins or Protein Power, you limit the carbs to 20-30 per day the first 2 weeks. After that carbs are added back in until you reach a gaining point. That is how you know your limit to acheive the weight loss. It is really helpful to read one of the books so that you understand how this way of... (50 replies)
... I am wondering if any of you on the Atkins diet are having headaches . I have been on it for 5 days, and for the last 3 days, I have been waking up with a severe headache. ... (50 replies)
... I'm 5'5"-5'6" 170lbs, about as weak (muscle wise) as a 7 year old girl...*not to offend any 7 year old girls here?* :D . So I have a pretty good sized beer belly. I'm hoping to lose a great deal of that weight by the summer. Is that possible with Atkins and about an hour of the air strider (its one of those walking gliding machines that...I think there's a popular one... (50 replies)
... Not only is ketosis NOT dangerous for us, there is considerable evidence that it is the type of energy metabilism we were evolved to live by. High carbohydrate diets, in fact a consistent intake of any large amount of carbohydrates throughout the year (outside of a narrow peak growing season), did not occur until after the introduction of agriculture, and even more, until... (50 replies)
... grains and meat occasionally and I couldn't be more regular. Fiber is your friend, and I'm sure most people on atkins do not get enough of it. ... (50 replies)
... Obvioulsy you have not read the Atkins book, and know nothing about the fact that this is a "lifestyle change" and not a diet. We eat enough good carbs, and still lose weight. ... (50 replies)

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