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... OK, I realize the best alcoholic drink to consume, in regards to weight loss, is probably none. ... (14 replies)
... and drink that with vodka. It keeps the bloating down, which I know beer won't do! Shots would also be lower in calories since you don't have a mixer. ... (14 replies)
... I like to drink too. And I'm on Weight Watchers but I drink on the weekends. I drink mainly Bacardi and diet but usually do Jaeger shots and will have a few chocolate martinis too. If I do beer, it's Miller Light. ... (14 replies)

... Yeah, I only drink maybe once a week as well. ... (14 replies)
... But for the rest of us trying to be realistic - Miller Lite, Mich Ultra, Bud Select Vodka In general on the hard liquor side I am told (by someone at WW) anything clear is always better on the diet! (14 replies)
... Zero.......All alcoholic drinks add unwanted calories and sugar/carbs to your diet. Try finding something else to satisfy you. (14 replies)
... I am glad to find people who like to eat healthy and exercise, but also don't swear off alcohol like some of the crazies out there! Haha. It's fun, it's social, and it makes you get loose! Anyway, my alcoholic beverage of choice is either: a) wine b) vodka soda or c) vodka and some lowcal soda/juice. I never order heavy or sugary drinks like pina coladas or long islands... (14 replies)
... Best are the concentrated alcohol drinks like a Martini, dry Manhattan, Scotch on Rocks. For a weaker drink, any sipirits plus diet Gin and Diet Tonic or Vodka and Ginger (Diet Ginger Ale) or Rum and Diet Coke. (14 replies)
... Smirnoff Ices I drink every now and then. ... (14 replies)
... Michelob Ultra is a low-carb beer, but it doesn't taste very good. Yes, those mixes are almost nothing but sugar. They have an insane amount of calories. When I drink, I stick to Bud Light or rum and diet soda. Also, vodka w/ diet Sprite is pretty good. (14 replies)
... Here I drink Smirnoff Ultra 1 which is low carb smirnoff ice... Wine is only 2 points per 4 ounces.. I like that too.. ... (14 replies)
... vodka, water, splash of sprite, with lots of limes (for vit.c) tastes GREAT, low calorie, i mean come on its like half water :) plus the water helps keep you hydrated lol (14 replies)
... Just because it's marketed that way doesn't make it the only low carb beer! Many people are surprised to hear that MILLER LITE (yes, I am a huge fan) has only 0.5 more carbs than Mich Ultra. 2.7 vs 3.2 ! Tastes better, less expensive, just not marketed for a low carb target market. They don't HAVE to! Other lite beers can be MUCH higher in carbs (Ex: Coors Light packs... (14 replies)
... 4 oz of wine is 2 points on is one oz of liquor - so scotch or boourbon and water are good choices. Gin or vodka and tonic, also good for just 2 points. (14 replies)
... I would think that real margaritas made with limes and not a mix would be good. But not many places do that. And I don't know what's in those mixes, I'm just assuming they put sugar in them since they put it in everything. (14 replies)

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