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... You could be eating too quickly and not chewing properly to the food is not broken down in the mouth and must undergo break down in the stomach. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks guys! Veggiegirl... what do I do if my problem is number 2? 2) you don't have enough digestive enzymes so the food is not breaking down I'll definitely work on the other stuff first (ie. different kinds of carbs, more fibre, eating slower), but if it comes down to my digestive enzymes, can I do something about that? Thanks :) (7 replies)
... I just realized I pretty much gave you my eating schedule rather than simply answering your question :D The kinda carbs I eat are just a lot of pastas, granolas and breads, whole wheat for the most part. (7 replies)

... it is defenetly the carbs..what kind of carbs are you eating? (7 replies)
... I bloat pretty bad. In the morning before I've eaten anything my stomach is flat, but by the end of the day after I've eaten 3 meals, it's bulging pretty bad. I never stuff myself or over eat so I don't know why I would have a problem with it. ... (7 replies)
Bloating issues
Jul 28, 2007
... thanks for reading this. this might be silly, but i need some advice or opinions. is stomach bloating normal after eating or drinking even just water? ... (0 replies)
... Hi, First off, I completely understand that this is not a weight loss board. The point I'm trying to make stems FROM my quest for weight loss, but what I found out is that my diet was actually making me sick ALL over, head to toe for years. After reading your letters, I can almost pinpoint what the trouble is because you're story is similar to mine. I was sickly for... (13 replies)
... You may have an ulcer. Instead of pain, some people experience hunger or bloating or vague stomach discomfort often several hours after a meal. ... (9 replies)
... I'm on a VERY low gluten diet, it's so hard to be totally gluten free, but I do try. (5 replies)
... ever since iv been gluten free the bloating has gone along with other uncomfortable symptoms :) (5 replies)
... Try taking some Probiotics or Acidophilus. Live yogurt can also help. (7 replies)
... there is your problem. :).. try organic pasta, or rice pasta..etc experiment with breads aswell. like maybe, Kamut breads, spelt breads, sprouted breads..etc.. see what happens :) chow (7 replies)
... Well I haven't been loading up lately since I haven't been competing.... but for breakfast I usually have some kind of cereal, whole grain toast, or waffles... I try to throw in some protein such as yogurt or eggs. Lunch I'll have a salad or a sandwhich. Dinner varies... tonight I had vegetable soup, I have meat or fish a couple times a week, and a lot of pastas. I know I'm... (7 replies)
... I guess you can tell if you're sensitive to it by taking your resting pulse when you wake and then take it right after eating wheat. If your heartrate has increased by 10 beats per minute you're probably sensitive to it. ... (97 replies)
... you might not need as much veggies alot of fiber might cause gas.however im no doctor (3 replies)
... For the last week, I find about 30 minutes after a meal, I get severe bloating and gas. I also feel full. ... (3 replies)
... Hello all, For the past couple months my stomach has been bloated constantly. I have always had a very flat belly. I'm an 18 year old female, 5'4", and about 115-120 lbs. I cannot figure out what is causing my stomach to appear so round and full, it has never been like this in my life up until a couple months ago. I am vegetarian and usually dairy free. I know that it's... (2 replies)
... It's a proven way of spotting trends and figuring out things that othewise seem to make no sense. You write down your meals and then how you feel after eating them, it helps you figure out what triggers you. ... (15 replies)
... so i cut bread out of my diet, i started wrapping sandwiches in lettuce, not eating my toast in the morning and its been great as far the bloating goes. im not as bloated as i used to be, less gassy, etc. only problem now is, i want my bread back!! ... (3 replies)
... If you feel almost yucky, what makes you go on eating dairy? ... (21 replies)

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