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... Hey! I have a question about carbonation and weight loss. I have heard that it is bad to drink anything with carbonation while losing weight. I just don't remember why it is bad. Does anyone know? ... (16 replies)
... THAT will stand in the way of weight loss. ... (16 replies)
... times a day. Thanks for your post, it does help me to see that soda just isn't good for my body or my weight loss efforts! ... (16 replies)

... pages telling you how EVIL all the substitutes for sugar are. Every major health agency the world over has given aspartame a green's a fine aid for weight loss. ... (16 replies)
... Well, the only thing I ever heard directly was that if you are overweight and doing Ayurvedic dieting, carbonation increases Kapha which encourages weight gain. ... (16 replies)
... ink it's really neat. I love diet sodas, but I try to not drink a lot of them since they aren't great for you. I do like green tea, but I CRAVE the fizziness and carbonation of soda. I don't care for plain sparkling water, only the flavored kinds. ... (2 replies)
... You are probably right, will have to check next time I am in the store. (16 replies)
... I think Diet Shasta was first sweetened with saccharine , but is now sweetened with aspartame like the majority of diet sodas. (16 replies)
... I have to agree about the Diet Rite always seeming flat. That is one thing I do remember about it. I also remember another brand called Shasta, it was also a diet soda but not sure if they still make it. I know the grocery stores used to sell it by the single serving size bottle, generally around 3 or 4 for $1.00. I am not sure what it is sweetened with, though. (16 replies)
... seekalot, If I said that about PepsiONE, my apologies, I misspoke(or mistyped:D)'s sweetened with aspartame and acesufame-K. It has more cola BITE than any of the other diet colas and is my favorite. It's the DIET RITE and RC lines that are sweetened with Splenda. I find them too syrupy sweet and always flat:( but some people like them. Unfortunately they seem NEVER... (16 replies)
... Wow, I forgot all about Diet Rite! I do like that and will get that if I can find it. I am so confused with all these different kinds of Coke and Pepsi brands/flavors now. I go into the store and look for a regular diet coke and there are now like 5 different kinds. Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Vanilla, Zero. It makes my head spin!! :) Sometimes I just say forget it and go for the... (16 replies)
... diet coke also makes a version sweetened with splenda. It tastes like regular coke! (16 replies)
... Nicole, just for your info, I don't know about PepsiOne which Lenin said is sweetened with Splenda, but in case you like it better I know that Diet Rite (NOT Diet Coke) also uses Splenda for sweetening. (16 replies)
... Hey everyone: Thanks so much for the advice. I am not much for regular coke, and would rather have the diet if I treat myself. I am not much for Pepsi, but willing to try it. I also just changed yogurts to Dannon Carb Control. It has splenda as the sweetner in it. I don't really taste much difference between the regular lite or low fat versus the splenda based yogurt. It... (16 replies)
... Amen Lenin. I do love my diet coke..... (16 replies)
... Nope, If our bodies shot our insulin levels up in the absence of REAL sugar, then we'd all be falling over dead from insulin's just another internet myth geared to leep us eating sugar. Our endocrine system is not dumb and it has learned from millions of years of evolution what glucose is (16 replies)
... Another thing I've heard about drinking diet sodas or sugar free things while dieting is that your body could mistake the aspartame or fake sugar for real sugar, shoot up your insulin, and therefore, make you hungry, just as if you had eaten real sugar! I also think that if you are trying to train your body to eat healthfully that you should not substitute a sugar free... (16 replies)
... Thanks everyone for the replies! I always try to drink caffeine free diet coke when I do have soda. I tend to be a huge water drinker but every now and then I like my soda. Sounds like I am better off just "treating" myself to a regular coke - which tastes better anyway! Oh, I like the burping analogy! It made me chuckle!! -Nicole (16 replies)

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