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... Can eating of cashew nuts help bring down LDL levels? ... (1 replies)
Cashew nuts
Nov 7, 2008
... Cashew nuts..mmmm... one of my favourites!. cashews are a DELICIOUS and healthy snack,in moderation ofcourse!!,they are very dense in calories and have a high oil content (good fats,mind you!). eventhough they may be high in fat,i highly doubt there is ANY cholesterol in them to speak of. you see,cholesterol is normally found in animal products, so no worries here.but just... (4 replies)
Cashew nuts
Oct 23, 2008
... does Cashew nuts have Cholesterol (4 replies)

... However, they are high in fat, I believe. (4 replies)
... I am concerned about lowering colestral also. so it was nice to fine out about cashew nuts but what about salted or non salted? ... (4 replies)
... do cashew nuts have cholestrol (4 replies)
... the answer to this but i'd like to check anyway. our new training material at work on cholesterol said that people with cholesterol problems should avoid eating cashew nuts and coconuts as they are rich in saturated fat which raises LDL cholestorol levels in the blood. i was suprised to read this. ... (10 replies)
... ANIMAL saturated fat and trans fats are both bad for cholesterol. i'm glad elmhar confirmed my suspisions. coconut aint bad for cholestrorol at all. it contains MEDIUM CHAIN saturated fattty acids which don't affect LDL levels in the same way ANIMAL fats do. cashew nuts are higher in saturated fat than other nuts but there monounsaturated fat content is still 75% and the... (10 replies)
Cashew nuts
Oct 29, 2008
... ty anyway. I love to snack on cashews, walnuts, and macadamias. Unfortunately I can't eat almonds because they don't agree with my stomach! Just make sure to eat nuts in limited quantities, because TOO many will be high in calories. ... (4 replies)
Cashew nuts
Oct 24, 2008
... I don't believe any nuts have cholesterol...nuts are a plant product. Cholesterol is only present in animal products. ... (4 replies)
... Actually, yes. Walnuts are the best, however cashews are a great choice too. Remember, nuts have a lot of fats, but the good kind if you will. Like anything else, don't overdo it. Snack on cashews and you'll be fine. ... (1 replies)
Cashew nuts
Oct 24, 2008
... According to the label on the nuts, there are 0 grams of cholesterol. They taste great, but the sodium/salt is not very good for you. (4 replies)
... Cashew nuts are actually high in monosats. Good for the heart. ... (10 replies)
About cholesterol
Jun 25, 2009
... do cashew nut have cholesterol? ... (1 replies)
... For example, I ate a small package of cashew nuts which contained 14 grams of fat. ... (5 replies)
Cashew Binge!!
Jan 16, 2005
... Yes, I definitely think we crave foods like nuts and high fatty foods for a reason. Whether it's because of our mood, or what our body needs, I do believe our brain signals cravings for certain foods. ... (6 replies)
... I eat a whole variety of nuts in my diet, but not cashews. Cashews have a tendency for mold, as do peanuts. Those two nuts I avoid, those and a few family members . . . ... (5 replies)
Cashew Binge!!
Jan 24, 2005
... That's great to hear! I thought my addiction was something to be worried about. Haha. Nuts have a lot of protein and lots of "good" fats. I find that when I eat a lot of nuts I don't crave "bad" fats, which is a plus. ... (6 replies)
... Occationally I'd eat an egg or two, or eat pistachio and cashew nuts. ... (6 replies)
... You can use whole foods to make your own flour if you have a powerful high speed blender (such as a vitamix or blendtec which I have). Last night I made amaretti cookies using whole raw almonds ground to a flour. I have made whipped cream using coconut milk from a can (organic source) or raw whole cashews (you can make all sorts of creams and "cheesy" sauces with cashew nuts... (6 replies)

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