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... It's going to depend on how many servings a week you are talking about. Generally speaking, the idea is to lower or eliminate your sat fats and moderate your unsats. (5 replies)
... The fat in cashews is predominantly monounsaturated, which is generally considered good for blood cholesterol levels compared to other kinds of fat. However, cashews are calorie dense, so consumption of such must be considered in the context of your entire diet. Too many calories from any source (even normally healthy foods) can lead to the accumulation of excess body fat... (5 replies)
... whether it is good or bad to eat cashewnut for people having high cholestrol? (5 replies)

... on things like raw cashew nuts, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, tuna, and once a day a sweet biscuit and piece of chocolate so I have some indulgence! ... (14 replies)
Cashew nuts
Oct 29, 2008
... I'd recommend unsalted, natural nuts. Too much salt isn't good for you, and I enjoy the unsalted kinds because they don't make you so thirsty anyway. I love to snack on cashews, walnuts, and macadamias. Unfortunately I can't eat almonds because they don't agree with my stomach! Just make sure to eat nuts in limited quantities, because TOO many will be high in calories. (4 replies)
Cashew nuts
Oct 24, 2008
... I don't believe any nuts have cholesterol...nuts are a plant product. Cholesterol is only present in animal products. For what it's worth, try almonds and walnuts (unsalted, of course)...the health benefits are much better than cashews. (4 replies)
Cashew nuts
Oct 24, 2008
... According to the label on the nuts, there are 0 grams of cholesterol. They taste great, but the sodium/salt is not very good for you. (4 replies)
... only have a few ingredients and I enjoy them, but they are more for a snack since they are smaller. I didn't care for a few of the flavors, but I really like the cashew cookie one. ... (5 replies)
... I have to agree with organic foods being a luxury! I may buy a few things, but I can't afford everything organic as I'm just out of college. Sometimes I buy a few "select" items I really want and just do the best I can with other things. I also am eating on the go a lot, so I can't cook all the time. I don't take a lunch break at work so I can leave earlier before rush hour... (3 replies)
... and, cashew nuts are very good for gaining weight too. but same, dont eat too much as they cause indigestion if you overdo them. ... (4 replies)
... You have high cholesterol for one or both of these reasons Your body has trouble balancing your bloods PH you're eating it ALL animal products have cholesterol in them. Did you know a cup of skim milk has more cholesterol than 3 strips of bacon? (4 replies)
... No. Only animal products have cholesterol (meat, animal fat, milk, eggs, cheese, etc). (4 replies)
... Thank you. I eat different nuts, peanuts, pistachio, cashew, almond, brazil, pine, hazelnut, macadamia. I also have different seeds including hemp. Hmm, maybe I need to eat a few more. Carol xx (9 replies)
... ANIMAL saturated fat and trans fats are both bad for cholesterol. i'm glad elmhar confirmed my suspisions. coconut aint bad for cholestrorol at all. it contains MEDIUM CHAIN saturated fattty acids which don't affect LDL levels in the same way ANIMAL fats do. cashew nuts are higher in saturated fat than other nuts but there monounsaturated fat content is still 75% and the... (10 replies)
... Cashew nuts are actually high in monosats. Good for the heart. "Real coconut" does have sat fat, but in studies it does not have a deleterious effect on LDL, in part due to several unique fatty acids in the coconut . One of the main researchers in this area is Mary Enig, Ph.D., and she has written a few books. If you look her up at the library or whatever, you will get... (10 replies)
... I was thinking about getting organic almond butter or either natural cashew butter. Did you have either of those before? ... (14 replies)
... Here are some calorie dense plant-based foods. Work them into meals and you'll have no problem maintaining or gaining if you want to. The examples are to show you how to get plenty of calories while eating vegetarian, so they highlight more high-calorie foods, but of course you want to include plenty of lower-calorie fruits and veggies also, for all the great vitamins and... (6 replies)
... Keep fruits like bananas and oranges to snack on, also baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. Tuna and salmon are good to keep around for sandwiches or salads. Also, there are now a lot of all-natural bars that you can keep around to snack on. The best tasting are Larabars (cherry pie, apple pie, and cashew cookie) and Honey bars. If there are a lot of fast food places around... (6 replies)
... Being vegan might limit your food choices by ruling out a handful of things (meat, eggs, dairy) but it does NOT limit you to apples, raisins, nuts, and lettuce!!!! Try some of these: chickpeas, kidney beans, pinto beans, lentils, white rice, brown rice, oatmeal, seitan, tempeh, tofu, broccoli, potatoes and sweet potatoes, tortilla chips and salsa and bean dip, kale,... (5 replies)
... why dont you eat nuts often, vegetable later, and get over yourself and the fact that you "dont like salads" . thats a ***** attitude. Obviously, it takes motivation and drive, which do not come hard in "losing weight". make the choice. Rabbit food. Or your gut. get over it btw... Calorie counting is one, but base diet on alot of nuts, greens, some fruit, ALOT OF... (6 replies)

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