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... But it needs to be more than bread with peanut butter. I guarantee that if you start increasing your calories during the day, you will ward off those late night carb cravings. ... (4 replies)
... A lot of the time late night carb cravings reflect pour eating during the day that backfires. ... (4 replies)
... granola bar on my way to the next workout. When I get home from that, I have a big dinner...until I'm full. problem is, within 1 or 2 more hours max, I get those cravings bigtime, and honestly, cannot control them! What can I eat more of during the day? ... (4 replies)

... and every night an hour or so before bed i have 2 or sometimoes even 3 big bowls of cereal....I cannot control it. I do however have a moderately small diet throughtout the day to try and make up for that, I think it may play part of the reason I have those cravings. ... (4 replies)
... Be careful with protein bars - many are just "glorified candybars." Look for protein bars that 20-30% of the calories from protein - usually 20-30 grams of protein but it depends on the total calories. Also read labels - you will find lots of garbage - you want to avoid the chemical ingredients, sugar, and sugar alcohols. (3 replies)
... Kashi cereal and shakes are a good choice because they are high in fiber, and have a moderate amount of protein in them. In addition, foods that are high in fiber helps one stay full longer, not to mention the protein. The Kashi cereal in the morning is good for staying full for a while, I advise the shake with an apple with peanut butter or something, and snack on veggies... (3 replies)
... sowly increasing my muscle mass. Every day I do a cardio workout, and after work I try and fit in a weight routine as well. I've learned from here to control my late night carb cravings I should be eating more throughout the day...which I have been. I also have learned protein is big in controlling hunger... ... (3 replies)
... like LS said you are not eating enough..i would be dead by now..i think you should look into those protien bars.. :) (4 replies)
... Problem is I feel full right after that, but about 30 minutes before bed, I start to get VERY HUNGRY....mostly for junk food and much so that I can't control myself. I'll have 2 bowls of a cereal, some cookies,,,etc. Is this because I'm eating so little during the day,or what? ... (4 replies)
Feb 23, 2004
... sparks insulin ....which promotes low blood sugar...which causes sugar and carb cravings...which can be detrimental to weight loss...depending on your ability to control yourself and your diet. ... (17 replies)
Sugar Cravings?
Mar 25, 2004
... carbing is what helped me get sugar cravings under control. I started with the Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program, but others have had success with others of the low carb plans. ... (2 replies)
Atkin's question
Jun 20, 2001
... Everyone has different experiences. Personally, I just got worse carb cravings on Atkin's, but others on the board may pipe up with difference experiences. ... (14 replies)
... Mario, You don't have to have Reactive Hypoglycemia to have a hypoglycemic symptom. There is a fine line between having chronic RH (which is difficult to control) and having poor eating habits that lead to hypoglycemic symptoms. I would venture to guess that more people have the latter and I can tell you with certainty that the poor eating habits can lead to full blown RH... (7 replies)
... I know what you eat in the last few hours before bedtime has the biggest impact, but I CANNOT control it! Suggestions please! ... (7 replies)
... The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet is the easiest of the insulin resistance diets to stay on, at least for me. I felt so much better when I got my carb cravings under control. ... (18 replies)
... i already know...WAY too much fat, WAY too much sugar, WAY too much starch, WAY too much carbs...but how do i control that...? ... (8 replies)
... Actually, low carb diets help control hypoglyceamia by regulating blood sugar - diets high in carbs, especially refined carbs, are what send blood sugar soaring and then plummetting, causing hypoglyceamic episodes. The primary hormone that is involved is insulin, which is released in too great amounts when refined carbs are eaten to bring blood glucose back down. Too... (9 replies)
... n of several of the "diet gurus" out there that I have found helpful is to eat a serving of protein at every meal. For me it has been a good step to stabilizing cravings and out of control eating. And when I get sloppy about protein, I always end up heading for the bakery or the ice cream shop. ... (18 replies)

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