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... What and how often you eat throughout the ENTIRE day will impact your hunger and cravings. There are several areas where you need to improve your diet: 1. Balance your meals - your meals during the day are excessively carb-heavy and lacking in protein. This sets the stage for a glucose rollercoaster. You eat carbs, your glucose spikes, then plummets, then you eat more... (7 replies)
... Be careful with protein bars - many are just "glorified candybars." Look for protein bars that 20-30% of the calories from protein - usually 20-30 grams of protein but it depends on the total calories. Also read labels - you will find lots of garbage - you want to avoid the chemical ingredients, sugar, and sugar alcohols. (3 replies)
... Kashi cereal and shakes are a good choice because they are high in fiber, and have a moderate amount of protein in them. In addition, foods that are high in fiber helps one stay full longer, not to mention the protein. The Kashi cereal in the morning is good for staying full for a while, I advise the shake with an apple with peanut butter or something, and snack on veggies... (3 replies)

... sing my muscle mass. Every day I do a cardio workout, and after work I try and fit in a weight routine as well. I've learned from here to control my late night carb cravings I should be eating more throughout the day...which I have been. I also have learned protein is big in controlling hunger... ... (3 replies)
... a large meal is precisely when the insulin is running through the bloodstream and the glucose levels may be dropping too low. This will cause intense hunger and cravings that are physiological in nature. ... (7 replies)
... at regular meals, and am starting to exercise, but for some reason, Right before i go to sleep i get hungry.. and off all thing i should eat, i get the strongest cravings for Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.. I dont understand it at all.. during the day i never think about eating them.. ... (7 replies)
... Mario, You don't have to have Reactive Hypoglycemia to have a hypoglycemic symptom. There is a fine line between having chronic RH (which is difficult to control) and having poor eating habits that lead to hypoglycemic symptoms. I would venture to guess that more people have the latter and I can tell you with certainty that the poor eating habits can lead to full blown RH... (7 replies)
... hi jdi.. i don't think hypo.. is the case for me bacuz my body is finally absorbing the foods i starved for like ever..i don't know how i made it this far with having the celiac in me..killing me doing better, much better at 162, im 38- 5'9"..sounds good, right?? see ya soon..;) (7 replies)
... you guys are right..also i eat lots too right but, i noticed eating less now..bacuz im gaining weight by the always that damn night time that hits us..bacuz we feel bored and, wanna eat..we think about eating and, so we wanna have some..sometimes i get on the phone at nights for hours and, have no appetite whats so ever..??? i guess its in the mind... (7 replies)
... If you are eating a full dinner at 8 and getting STARVED for junk at 11, that's eating from habit. Whatever methods you use to break bad habits is appropriate here. I would make a hypnosis/suggestion tape and play it every day for several weeks. I'd tell myself that if I can go from a light lunch til 8PM without food, certainly HUNGER isn't involved after 2 hours without... (7 replies)
... I posted something similar yesterday, but this is a bit different... I workout twice daily. Once for cardio, once for weights. (Lunchtime and 6ish, after work. Throughout the day (I think this has something to do with it, I eat VERY well. (fruit and veggies for lunch, plus a small salad maybe, and a granola bar). For breakfast usually no more than a bowl of cereal,... (7 replies)

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