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... Your like my uncle he drink alot diet coke. I never seem so many cokes in person house in my life All the coke is not good on your teeth so some how you need to try drink less soda pop try to drink water instead like those flavor water . ... (22 replies)
... There's a LOT more in a Diet Coke than aspartame. ... (22 replies)
... I have been drinking Diet Coke nonstop for about 18 years. And when I say nonstop, I mean it. ... (22 replies)

... Pretty simple....caffeine addiction....just like the rest of the country. That stuff is rotgut. Quit, go through the headaches, and be done with it. Good luck with your "coke addiction"....LOL. (22 replies)
... coming off aspartame in hopes of getting off of it without withdrawl symptoms. One person emailed and said that he tried several times unsuccessfully to get off diet sodas and was able to eliminate the addiction by drinking lemon balm tea. Haven't heard of anyone else trying that, though. ... (22 replies)
... Gosh that BOGGLES the imagination! So some rum in one's doet coke is the safe way to drink it... ... (22 replies)
... per day. She has been doing this for the last 8 years or so, she basically switched from coffee to the Diet Pepsi. She has had countless health problems and I keep telling her its related to the soda. Especially problems with her teeth. ... (22 replies)
... form phenylalanine is obtained from both aspartame and supplements. It makes a much larger change in plasma when taken in liquid form such as diet sodas. ... (22 replies)
... FORM phenylalanine is quite common and many people benefit from supplementation. The amount of diet soda to get the same gram or more of phenylalanine out of aspartame would bust the bank of anybody but Bill would be a RIVER of soda. ... (22 replies)
... What a weird reaction. He's trying to kick an addiction to regular soda with the same side effect. WEIRD! ... (22 replies)
... depressant and analgesic. That is why I believe it is the likely reason for addiction to aspartame that is often reported. Hope that clears it up. ... (22 replies)
... As for phenylalanine addiction: Phenylalanine is an ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID that is necessary for life. It is not addictive and is present as a breakdown product from aspartame in such minute quantities as to be almost unnoticeable to the body. Perhaps several hundred cans of soda equals a cup of cottage cheese. Remember, aspartame is 180 times as sweet as sugar and it... (22 replies)
... Zip2play-- i have taken L-theanine. is that close to the supplemant you are talking about? i took it for a rather large anxiety problem, plus the fact that xanax was the only thing that helped, which i was becoming addicted to. i had wonderful success on the L-theanine, it changed my life. as for anyone sharing the pop problem, :wave: that would be me. however,... (22 replies)
... ly, but not nearly everyday. It stains your teeth, has tons of caffeine, has aspartame, and zero nutritional value. If it's the soda you crave, try switchin to diet 7up or something while weaning yourself. It's light colored and has no caffeine. GOOD LUCK!!! ... (22 replies)
... i am really sorry that this has been such a trauma for you. I know what you mean about not wanting to offend people with so called 'real' problems, but i know what it is like to really want to kick something and just not be able to (mine is knuckle cracking... but that is another story and another board!). As for your problem, why not try to deal with it like many people... (22 replies)
... Wow, yes, this post did get all scientific, YIKES! Actually, I'm not saying either way that it's horrible or harmless...just saying that I'm fairly sure that it's not GOOD for you, considering there is no nutritional value plus the chemical thing. And as far as the dry throat thing, I can totally relate to your husband because I am EXACTLY that way. I swear that if I... (22 replies)
... Theanine is an amino acid used to treat anxiety and stress, it's probably the one you were taking. You can find it in large concentrations in green tea - it's unique in that it doesnt promote sleepiness like most meds used for stress and anxiety. It works by helping the brain produce alpha-waves, the ones associated with "relaxed alertness" as it were. Nat (22 replies)
... nyxin, You are probably referring to L-threonine, another essential amino acid...many vegetarians might come up short on it because there isn't a lot in grains. But no, it's completely different from Phenylalanine, another essential amino acid, that makes up about half of the aspartame molecule. (22 replies)
... Thanks for all your suggestions. Today is my 37th birthday. I want to be healthy and live a long time. I'm making a plan today that I will stick to. By the way, is there ANYONE here that shares my problem? I don't know anyone at all in my life that is as addicted as I am. I feel like a freak or something. People don't get why I can't just stop. Force myself to drink something... (22 replies)
... Why not switch to green tea? that contains caffeine right. (22 replies)

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