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... Don't skip breakfast and don't eat past 9 pm. ... (16 replies)
... hehe, good idea. I'm gonna try out the hummus recipe posted in another thread earlier and stuff it in egg whites tomorrow or something. ... (16 replies)
... great for you. Eat up! ... (16 replies)

... higher in lean protein, and many fruits and veggies....that's besides the point, lol, but the idea that I got from watching it was that you could stuff your egg whites with guacomole or hummus...when I go shopping next, i'm gonna give this a try. ... (16 replies)
... IN addition, eating only egg whites and veggies is not only somewhat dangerous, it's also unrealistic.. ... (16 replies)
... how much weight could i lose in 3 weeks if I just ate egg whites and veggies? ... (16 replies)
... the protein content of egg whites is the most useable form of protien for human consumption out of any food. ... (16 replies)
... hi folks I eat an omolete every night foor dinner which includes 4 eggs, I do this as part of my healthy eating plan and was wondering if it is safe to eat 4 eggs a day 5 days a week, I've read else where that you should only eat 1 egg a day, also does whisking the egg destroy or damage the protien (16 replies)
... the organic range eggs are far superior. The yolk contains much nutrition and I thought everyone knew that the cholesterol issue has long been disproved. Eat whole fresh organic eggs and be healthy. The only reason I can see to eat egg white only would be a calorie issue. ... (16 replies)
... I think the egg yolk is where most of the vitamins are, so that would be similar to the higher vitamin content in veggies and fruit. ... (16 replies)
... were in the egg yolk rite, but the egg white no problem rite? ... (16 replies)
... you know in dutch we call protein 'eiwit' which means 'egg white' lol probably cos of that then! (16 replies)
... the egg white has nothing in it but protein; you should be fine. (16 replies)
... i dont know if theres anything on eating how many eggwhites, but with whole eggs, if your cholesterol and blood lipids are healthy and within range, i would probably say 1 egg a day should be fine. ... (2 replies)
... Not quite. Too much protein, over and above the bodies needs, will either be burned if energy is needed or stored as fat if it's not needed for energy. ... (9 replies)
... It can be argued to great extent, but basically organic eggs are from chickens that have not in any way been affected or exposed to pesticides or hormones or other chemicals. Supermarket eggs are from chickens that have probably been exposed to this stuff, through their environment or surroundings. There is much debate about which is better because the supermarket eggs, while... (16 replies)
... What is the difference between "supermarket" and "organic" eggs? Such as nutrition and taste? (16 replies)
... The thing I don't get about eggs is wouldn't it make more sense if the yolk were the good stuff being that it is rich in color and the undeveloped baby chick? I'd think that would be where all the protien is. Health experts are always preaching that deep colors are good for you when found in fruits in vegetables. Why not the same with eggs? (16 replies)
... hehe cool :) thats what i thought.. thanks! (16 replies)
... on a consistent, daily basis or you will not lose fat. Conversely, if you eat too little, your body will slow its metabolism and hang onto fat, so you have to find the right range for your body. ... (3 replies)

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