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... I guess I know that it's normal to eat things like peanut butter, ice cream, pizza, etc, on occasion, but I feel like when I let myself eat them I am binging on them! ... (25 replies)
... months or so with a reduced calorie diet and plenty of exercise. You CAN lose weight while eating carbs. You can lose weight eating anything as long as you don't eat too much. ... (10 replies)
... GENERALLY speaking: Bananas and Oatmeal, together, alone, for breakfast, starting out for the day, for most people, will trigger a bit of hypoglycemia, making you shaky and hungrier than ever. It's a matter of opinion, yes, but more protein, generally levels out your blood sugar and keeps you fuller longer, than eating that many carbs alone. If you are speaking of adding... (10 replies)

... Peanut butter DOES have a lot of good fats in it, but of course if you eat way too much of it, that's not good for you. Just try to stick with a serving size. I like to dip apple slices in peanut butter for a healthy snack. ... (11 replies)
... ls, yes! you should "go out and eat hamburgers if I feel like it, Stop running so much, Eat more in general!!" trust me, you won't get fat! ... (25 replies)
... the best I can. Beans, rice, frozen vegetables, and frozen berries will go a long way. No one needs milk or dairy products and that will cut your expenses a lot. Peanut butter has a lot of the antioxidant "resveratrol" and is a good cheap protein. You can buy this in bulk, but make sure there are no hydrogenated oils. ... (97 replies)
... lauren, i think you know that not eating till dinner is NOT a good idea. you have an ED and restricting is what's getting you to this place where you "can't" eat peanut butter and then when you do, you overindulge. ... (25 replies)
... Hey LS! It's been awhile since I've been on here. I don't know if you remember me or not but me and you were in the same boat pretty much several months ago with our ED's. I've now turned to intuitive eating and am basically recovered. ... (25 replies)
... however, if you love it, eat it. Moderation is key. I woudlnt make it part of your weekly diet, but once in awhile wont hurt you. The healthy request versions have less sodium, less fat.... ... (1 replies)
... and body image are disordered, and this can LEAD to something even more serious than it already is. Please look into getting professional help now before you get too far into this, even though you've kinda laready started! ... (25 replies)
... Thanks for the advice! I just put some peanut butter on my english muffin this mornin. Sometimes I'll include eggs. I ate around 1600 cals yesterday, so I think Im doing good. ... (7 replies)
... Mehtab, I do have peanut butter, and since I can get free bread, I do eat it with bread. I do have the kind with hydrogenated oils though... don't have a refrigerator right now, and that one keeps better. ... (97 replies)
... You are not eating too much! ... (11 replies)
... Like you said, too much of anything is not good, even the good stuff. Moderation is always the key. ... (22 replies)
Too much fruit?
Jun 15, 2005
... Are you serious? If you were 5ft 6 123 pounds they would have turned you down?!?! WhY? :confused: :eek: (36 replies)
Too much fruit?
Jun 14, 2005
... s like saturated fat and there are good fats Essential Fatty Acids. The body needs these to absorb nutrients. Try eating nuts and seeds to get this in your diet. Peanut butter is good. Fish is good I think you mentioned you do eat fish. Another thing that you need is whole grain bread. ... (36 replies)
Eating too much?
Mar 18, 2005
... Cravings are you blood sugar levels plummeting and you've probably always responded - as many of us do - by eating sugary stuff. But a turkey sandwich will more than suffice in restoring your blood sugar levels so listen to the cravings but give your body what it needs - slow releasing sugars that you'll find in a meal. Have treats sometimes is fine, but always acquiescing... (15 replies)
... no fat and I should have some." Next thing you know I am sitting in front of the TV with the PB jar and eating out of it. I dread trying to even figure out how much I scooped out of it, but way too much. I want to get it out of my house, but I can't my kids eat it. Not sure what to do myself. ... (25 replies)
Nuts everyday?
Nov 4, 2004
... Specific food cravings can mean several different things, especially with peanuts and peanut butter. ... (13 replies)
... some great healthy or natural energy dense foods are like, nuts and seeds, nut spreads and peanut butter. also if you're a vegetarian, if you eat dairy or eggs that is, try full cream milk and regular cheese instead of the low fat ones and skim milk brands. ... (2 replies)

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