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... heavy and lacking in protein. This sets the stage for a glucose rollercoaster. You eat carbs, your glucose spikes, then plummets, then you eat more carbs to feel better. ... (7 replies)
... I'm jealous!!!! I wish I can eat and eat and eat!!!! :D No, but...are you hypothyroid? I'm sorry if you have mentioned it before on this site, I just don't remember. (5 replies)
... i also snack on nuts and fruit through out the day. but i don't seem to have a big enough apitite i feel. ... (5 replies)

... my only problem is that i've never really been that great with counting calories, carbs, grams etc :confused: the only thing i do is eat in small portions, and eat some fruit in between (13 replies)
... He claims that any more fat than that will set you up for failure on the raw food diet. ... (9 replies)
... Don't let yourself die hopelessly. Love life and learn to live for yourself. You are worth more than you could ever know. ... (18 replies)
Aug 12, 2002
... The Morningstar products taste pretty good, but I stopped eating them because they contain egg whites. Also, their products are filled with additives. ... (7 replies)
... During this time I usually managed to force down a small amount of fruit without throwing up but thats about it for either a day or two. ... (3 replies)
... Eating before bed is not the same as eating before work. Your body isnt in sleep mode when you are working. ... (14 replies)
... Eat tons of high cal dense foods. THat means drinking ensures as drinks rather than just meals, eating loads of nuts, nut butters, fats... ... (4 replies)
... really is no difference btwn my day and yours in terms of overall consumption. Like I've mentioned before, you're a tend to snack all day instead of eating set meals like I do. There is NOTHING wrong with that, it's just a different way of eating. ... (39 replies)
... For me, drinking the ensure drinks was good because it is an easy way to make sure i get in enough to gain without feeling ridiculously full. Also, its good for snacks on the run, because then you don't have to grab a chocolate chip cookie and make a mess everywhere. ... (17 replies)
... Has she been evaluated for a thyroid disorder? ... (2 replies)
... I'm allergic to fruit O.o Generally, all fruits make my mouth itch. And we know I MUST stay away from lemon, oranges, and other citrus fruit. ... (2 replies)
... Well done for wanting to make a change to your life. ... (5 replies)
... move" herbal laxative teas, due to the fact that after about a week of no food i was very constipated. when i did "go" it didnt hurt though. 3 days ago i started eating again, on the first day i had hummus, some baby carrot, a bit of cucumber, some cashews, and some fruit, all organic. ... (0 replies)
... Drink LOTS of water, and get some exercise every day, even if that just means shooting hoops in the driveway for 20 minutes, or going for a short walk before breakfast, etc. ... (12 replies)
... calories per day, aiming for more. Every day at lunch I have cookies or some kind of sugary sort of dessert thing. ... (26 replies)
... I'll usualy snack on fruit and nuts int he afternoon. ... (18 replies)
... Your should be eating 1480 calories...your weight mulitplied by 10 equals the amount of calories you need to loose weight. WTG on the exercise! Good Luck! ... (12 replies)

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