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... The six meal a day theory doesn't suggest them to be of equal portions. It's actually your three normal meals breakfast, lunch and dinner just with three snacks added in between each meal. Like having a normal breakfast and then a snack of maybe carrot sticks or a piece of fruit. ... (8 replies)
... Being underweight should be a sign to you that you are not eating enough. ... (4 replies)
... If that's the case, then that should be a big help. It's difficult to resist eating when you're "extremely hungry". ... (8 replies)

... you need to have a certain number of calories for energy and heat. Otherwise, you might feel cold and shaky. And that may cause your blood sugar to be low too. ... (9 replies)
... If you eat all the lean meat you want and very little fruit and vegetables, you will very likely become constipated and lacking in antioxidants and other important nutrients. ... (15 replies)
Feb 26, 2005
... So, then I read the 'Carbohydrate Addicts Diet' and I had my epiphany. It totally clued to how all those carb laden foods were causing the vicious cycles of eating and feeling good followed by extreme and naseating hunger within 2 hours. ... (32 replies)
How do you decide?
Jan 12, 2006
... ARE no more rules about what, when and how much one should eat. We become more and more frenzied into putting more and more food into our mouths, without regard for whether those foods are real or nutritious, or whether we're actually hungry when we eat them, or often whether we actually LIKE the foods or not. ... (20 replies)
Is my diet okay?
Oct 3, 2017
... The Chipotle doesn't seem too bad for a restaurant meal that one might have occasionally. Yes, the sodium is high and that alone would keep me from eating it everyday. Without actually seeing it, it seems like corn and rice together in the same meal might be a bit too starchy. ... (4 replies)
... addequate calcium and that will not happen. As we get out of the habit of normal eating schedules or healthy eating our bodies get confused and we seem to not be hungry but as soon as we begin feeding the body when it needs food then it lets you know when it needs more. ... (4 replies)
Gaining with bars?
Apr 29, 2005
... pounds over a week you need to eat about 500 calories more than you need a day. So you probably need to be eating at least 2500 calories a day. If you manage to eat more than that then thats great. ... (9 replies)
... First of all, there is nothing wrong with eating at night, I recommend it. I am an advocate of eating every 3 hours that you are awake. This helps to balance and strengthen the metabolism. ... (13 replies)
... Take the cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and add some dark leafy greens, etc., to make a big salad. Add a half cup or more of garbonzo beans for protein instead of the tuna. Also, you can add one serving of whole grain pasta to your salad. This would be much healthier. ... (2 replies)
... I'm new to this forum... first post! So for the past couple of months I've been trying to eat a lot healthier. I have always been a healthy weight for my height, but I used to eat so many processed unnatural foods I have decided I need to change. ... (2 replies)
Swollen belly :(
Sep 2, 2010
... sweet fruits too that are good for salads. ... (29 replies)
... What is a good diet for a person trying to lose weight. I need to eat right as I am trying to get healthy. I have no idea on the right kinds of food to eat for protein, good carbs, calcium etc and the right amounts. ... (5 replies)
... sesame bread with either peanut or almond butter, a handful of soy chips, and fruit of some sort. ... (3 replies)
Im Stumped
May 11, 2007
... What does he typically eat for his dinner now? ... (9 replies)
... oh thanks, ls. i really feel for you right now. ... (25 replies)
... I have a question about what to eat to go on a diet but still eat healthy...I've been working out alot lately for the last three weeks lost about seven pounds but then sometimes i'm afraid to eat anything.... ... (5 replies)
... pounds a week, so the idea of just binging for a few days to pack in as much calories as possible is not a good one. You said you already follow a good diet, so that's a great start. ... (6 replies)

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