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... I look forward to my "treat" everyday and I can't imagine what I could put in its place to satisfy me without being overindulgent. I eat a lot of fruit during the day, so fruit after dinner isn't really appealing. What do you think? ... (14 replies)
... if the original poster of this thread tries it out and it helps, then wonderful. if it doesnt, there are many other things that could be going on in their body. no harm in trying, right? ... (14 replies)
... you do know that Fruits are Primarily all Carb dont you? ... (14 replies)

... This Whole thing about Eating Fruit alone and Not After a meal. Is taught by Naturalists, Practioners of Alternative Medacine, and Makers of Fad Diets. ... (14 replies)
... i was using that as an analogy to simply explain why there could be gas or bloating if fruit was eaten after or with a meal, and to give an option to someone that was having a problem, but it seems to have been blown way out of proportion. if they tried it and it helped, great. if not, it may help someone else. (14 replies)
... Totally irrelevant....First of all you forget that the ''apple skin'' is very high in powerful Polyphenols along with Vit-C and Bioflavanoids (Rutin and Hesperdin) that will neutralise any oxidation. Secondly why worry about an apple spoiling when we produce free radicals every second we are alive. The carbon dioxide that we expell in every breath is a result of... (14 replies)
... that your body would put the digestion already in process on the meal on hold to make way for the fruit? ... (14 replies)
... Wow, is this true! That would totally explain why I always have indigestion and feel bloated after lunch - I almost always finish it off with a big piece of fruit! I usually have a sandwich or a wrap of some sort and eat a big apple or pear or orange right afterwards. If I want to get my fruit in, should I eat it BEFORE the meal? Thanks! (14 replies)
... is right, fruit digests quickly compared to carbs and protein. so if you eat a big meal and fruit right after, the fruit will sit on top of the meal and ferment in your gut, while the body is trying to digest the other food slowly. this can cause gas and bloating. ... (14 replies)
... bodyfat. ok so should i be eating stuff with protein, but no fat and carbs at night before going to bed to keep my metabolism high? ... (8 replies)
... he told me that he didn't think that i smelled bad and told me that it was probably all in my mind. i've done a lot of research and thought that maybe i eat too much meat and cheese and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. ... (8 replies)
... I'd be curious about the genetic objections, if it's in layman's terms, more or less. ... (8 replies)
... heavy and lacking in protein. This sets the stage for a glucose rollercoaster. You eat carbs, your glucose spikes, then plummets, then you eat more carbs to feel better. ... (7 replies)
Is my diet okay?
Oct 3, 2017
... The Chipotle doesn't seem too bad for a restaurant meal that one might have occasionally. Yes, the sodium is high and that alone would keep me from eating it everyday. Without actually seeing it, it seems like corn and rice together in the same meal might be a bit too starchy. ... (4 replies)
... inach, endive...for color and texture variety, I'll add some raddiccio or frisee, still loaded with vitamins and minerals. Then I'll load it as full as of other fruits and veggies that I can, peppers, onion, tomato, avocado, apple, orange, walnuts, cucumber... ... (3 replies)
... Technically, she is not a Vegetarian; as they do not eat fish. She would be considered a "Pescetarian" (27 replies)
... one who lives on fast food and greasy burgers is not healthy. You can eat meat and be healthy, just like you can not eat meat and be healthy. There are nutrients in meat that are good for you. No, you don't want to eat red meat nightly, but once in a while is good. ... (27 replies)
... Like I just said in another post similar to yours, get a good quality cereal, maybe pack a turkey sandwich or pbj for lunch on wheat bread. ... (5 replies)
... I've noticed though that I hardly EVER eat fruits or vegetables. I've gotta start that. And my lunch is absolutely terrible at school. Can you guys help me out with my diet? ... (5 replies)
Is my diet okay?
Oct 3, 2017
... Hi John, Thanks for the reply. People with EoE can follow an elimination diet where they eliminate milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts/treenuts, and seafood (fish/shellfish). Apparently, these foods are common triggers for EoE which is inflammation (and narrowing) of the esophagus. In the elimination diet, there is no mention of removing other acidic foods from the diet. It... (4 replies)

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