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Fake meat? yuck!
Feb 6, 2005
... and it's like whatever I take, I feel the effects right away. Hahahhaaa, sorry about the poop thing again guys. ... (58 replies)
... i dont find it that difficult to stop eating meat or chicken because there are plenty of different foods out there but i am always willing to try new things especially if they are good for you. ... (18 replies)
Low Carb Breakfast
Apr 14, 2007
... Atkins does NOT mean eating tons of meat! It DOES mean eating way less carbohydrates, especially simple ones as in breads, rice, potatoes, pasta, starchy vegetables, a lot of fruit, etc. ... (21 replies)

Atkins Diet Debate
Aug 13, 2003
... a diet, you restrict the variety of foods available to people on that diet. There are not that many foods that are low in carbs. A lot of people will get sick of eating little besides meat and dairy products, so they'll wind up eating less. ... (42 replies)
Too much soy?
Jul 20, 2006
... This is a new one. Granted, the various meat producing groups spend lots of money to get people to consume their particular meat, but what's this about "civilized societies ALWAYS" eating WHAT way? ... (21 replies)
... our bodies are amazing at cleaning themselves out! You would be surprised at what you can consume by mistake, and the bodies ability to eliminate repair itself to correct your mistakes is mind boggling! ALL food has sugar in it, even meat. like a car your body burns fuel to run. Sugar when lit on fire burns up really fast, its a big flame, powerful, but it does burn up... (1 replies)
... Salads are great, but I always say eating only salad is chewing not eating. You do need to add some nutrition... again, add some lean meat, egg, cheese, etc. ... (7 replies)
... ur diet. You're concerned about your weight, so don't worry about adding these, they have no fat, low calories and the fibre and protein will make you feel full eating less. I'm always advocating eating these, because they are such an excellent source of nutrition and not many people in the West eat them enough. ... (4 replies)
Fluctuating diet
Aug 11, 2005
... ning into a cycle. I get constipated and I think "this has got to stop", so for the next few days I overload on wholegrain and fruit, to the point of forswearing meat and sugar. ... (5 replies)
... a variety of local foodstuffs and preparation methods. Nomads live on the meat and milk of their animals. Vegetarians invent amazing dishes without any animal products at all. ... (19 replies)
... Not sure this is the first eating program I have done and have not counted calories and I'm increasing muscle mass and reducing fat. ... (19 replies)
... However, if you are hungry at night and cannot sleep you are not eating enough calories during the day. What you should be eating is protein as that will hold you much longer and help you sleep. Lean protein such as a few slices of turkey breast lunch meat or some ham. ... (3 replies)
... advocates eating from only one food group. Well, first, there is a different between "groups of food" and "food groups". ... (22 replies)
... Occasionally, I'll have meat, so I'm not a vegetarian. But my meat consumption is very scarce. Eating natural foods has been very beneficial. I've found with exercise, that I can eat so much, and never gain significant weight. ... (9 replies)
... Most of my experiments with 'wheat based foods' revolved around cereal even though I was eating other wheat containing meals at the time such as pasta, cous cous, pies, pizza, battered meat and so on. ... (12 replies)
... Ok, So, I've had a lot of trouble over the past many months with a horrible rash that seems to have spread all over my body. This is what has happened to me, so please read and tell me what you think it is, and if I'm doing the right thing to treat it. First of all, a few years back, I developed this really, horrible rash on the tops of my feet. I was working at a camp... (44 replies)
Aug 12, 2002
... The Morningstar products taste pretty good, but I stopped eating them because they contain egg whites. Also, their products are filled with additives. ... (7 replies)
... pops. He is also eating fruit at various other times of the day, can be any time really. ... (2 replies)
... I seriously disagree but then again I have been eating this way for over a year now.I have researched this and I live it. First off "Low carbs" are not NO carbs. Just not eating certain carbs that are bad for you. ... (16 replies)
... vegetarian, i wasn't very health conscious, basically i'd given up meat because i didn't like the idea of animals being killed to feed me when it wasn't necessary for me to eat them to survive. ... (34 replies)

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