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... Or maybe it is my poor English or my ignorance about cuisine, but I wonder how one can say that they are frying eggs without oil? ... (17 replies)
... The only concern about eggs is the cholesterol raising effect of too many. ... (17 replies)
... I'm looking to reduce the size of my gut. I know eggs are healthy but can fried eggs without adding any oil onto the pan be healthy? ... (17 replies)

... So it's ok for someone who wants to lose fat to eat fried eggs? ... (17 replies)
... on the contrary a recent study by the Pennington Biological research Centre showed that eggs can help people to lose weight. they are packed full of protein and the yolk is a fine source of chromium. ... (17 replies)
... you should be OK with eating your eggs a little fried and be able to lose weight healthy. ... (17 replies)
Eating fried eggs
Nov 17, 2008
... what is unhealthy about eating fried eggs (0 replies)
... I eat two organic eggs a day, fried with coconut oil and with a dash of himalayan crystal salt. yes i'm a health nut! ... (17 replies)
... I used to eat eggs everyday. About a year ago I decided to start eating healthier, and one of the things I did was switch to egg whites. I still eat eggs if I go out for breakfast, but when cooking at home I'm only using egg whites. ... (17 replies)
... As for Cholesterol........Eating High cholesterol foods like eggs will not give you high dont get high cholesterol by eating cholesterol. ... (17 replies)
... Eggs got a bad rep because of the cholesterol scare. But it is becoming generally accepted that the more cholesterol you eat, the less you liver produces. And eggs are regaining their rightful position as the perfect food. I eat three of them for breakfast every day .... ... (17 replies)
... gooner, Was your concern primarily calories or cholesterol? (It's amazing what a range of opinions one can get about something as simple and straightforward as an egg, isn't it?) Eggs (yolks and all) are a great, inexpensive food as part of one's overall eating plan. (17 replies)
... I agree with one of the other posts about using 1 whole egg and mixing it with egg whites. You still get the protein but its not as much cholesterol. Make sure they are free range eggs or organic :) (17 replies)
... Hi - I have to disagree with bluejbirdie, to say eating high cholesterol foods will not give you high cholesterol, but eating high cholesterol food if you have high cholesterol will raise it! This makes no sense, you have contradicted your point. I have high cholesterol, and so try to limit my intake of high cholesterol foods! Eggs are fairly high in fat, but if you... (17 replies)
... Eggs are not healthy. The yolk alone is two points on WW. (17 replies)
... bang on dude!!! saturated fats are the most stable and the least likely to be damaged by heating (polyunsaturated are at the other end of the scale- tendency to turn to trans fats). some nutritionists even recommend using butter over oils for this reason (Ian marber is one who springs to mind ("The Food Doctor")). since coconut oil DOESN'T have a negative impact on LDL... (17 replies)
... the oil best to use (in all cooking actually) is coconut oil. its more expensive, but doesnt go rancid in high heats like most oils. (and it makes food taste so much better!) olive oil is a cheaper option and can still handle heats fairly well. (17 replies)
... I normally don't add any oil when frying the egg :) (17 replies)
... YES, unequivocally! (17 replies)
... For eggs and delicates a teeny amount of a light tasting olive or corn is ok. For very high temperatures both will burn and oxidize to a VERY unhealthy product. Then you want an oil with a high smoke is PEANUT but pricier. ... (3 replies)

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