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... I've heard that fructose intake at night may increase serum triglyceride levels and cause obesity. ... (14 replies)
... What about eating things with sugar in them (other than fructose) at night? I eat frozen yogurt basically every single night after dinner and I'm wondering if it is affecting my sleep patterns (I don't sleep very soundly). Could it be giving me a sugar rush and actually doing more harm than good? I look forward to my "treat" everyday and I can't imagine what I could put in... (14 replies)
... in a large amount of the population. if i was allowed to post links, i would. we have a difference of opinoin and we will leave it at that. ... (14 replies)

... you do know that Fruits are Primarily all Carb dont you? ... (14 replies)
Fruit at night
Apr 11, 2009
... it, and given my potential diagnosis, I want to avoid sugar. So what's the story here. I've a bit of a problem in that I work very random shifts, so may get home at 10pm, sometimes later. Can I eat fruit late at night, is there a limit to the amount of fruit I can have in a day. ... (5 replies)
... but gets mixed in with the other food. since the other food is taking so long to digest, the fruit cannot bypass the process already involved, so it is digested at the same rate as the other food where it should only have taken 30 mins. ... (14 replies)
... I would have to agree with Blue on that one. Using the analogy of the apple turning brown (which is due to oxidation, different from fermentation) if left sliced on the counter; putting lemon juice on the apple will stop the apple from turning brown. Highly impart to the high level of acidity, which if you know anything about your stomach and the digestive process...acids are... (14 replies)
... fruit should always be eaten at least a half hour before a meal, or on its own. ... (14 replies)
... ideally, you shouldn't eat anything too heavy before going to bed, but of course fruits arent 'heavy' but it still obv req some sort of digestion. ... (3 replies)
... ou should mirror that meal, but in smaller quantities throughout the day. I recommend that you PLAN to eat every 3 hours you are awake, beginning with breakfast at LEAST within 2 hours of waking and ending in the evening regardless of how late it is. ... (7 replies)
Juice at dinner
Feb 3, 2010
... Do you have juice at dinner because you are not hungry? ... (9 replies)
Fruit at night
Apr 14, 2009
... A banana is different than most other fruits because it's starchy. ... (5 replies)
... i was using that as an analogy to simply explain why there could be gas or bloating if fruit was eaten after or with a meal, and to give an option to someone that was having a problem, but it seems to have been blown way out of proportion. if they tried it and it helped, great. if not, it may help someone else. (14 replies)
... Totally irrelevant....First of all you forget that the ''apple skin'' is very high in powerful Polyphenols along with Vit-C and Bioflavanoids (Rutin and Hesperdin) that will neutralise any oxidation. Secondly why worry about an apple spoiling when we produce free radicals every second we are alive. The carbon dioxide that we expell in every breath is a result of... (14 replies)
... I wouldn't mind checking out the research on this...can you give me the medical journal references? (14 replies)
... This Whole thing about Eating Fruit alone and Not After a meal. Is taught by Naturalists, Practioners of Alternative Medacine, and Makers of Fad Diets. There is no Scientific evidence to support this. So take the advice with a grain of salt. As for that supposedly fermenting fruit, anyone who has studied human physiology can tell you that fermentation does not occur in the... (14 replies)
... Wow, is this true! That would totally explain why I always have indigestion and feel bloated after lunch - I almost always finish it off with a big piece of fruit! I usually have a sandwich or a wrap of some sort and eat a big apple or pear or orange right afterwards. If I want to get my fruit in, should I eat it BEFORE the meal? Thanks! (14 replies)
... zevi8 is right, fruit digests quickly compared to carbs and protein. so if you eat a big meal and fruit right after, the fruit will sit on top of the meal and ferment in your gut, while the body is trying to digest the other food slowly. this can cause gas and bloating. (14 replies)
... another reason why you might consider not eating fruit after dinner is because fruit doesnt digest well with other foods. Fruit should be eaten alone and not after a heavy meal. (14 replies)
... No truth to the rumour. It might be an amplification of the no food after dinner for a triglyceride test the next morning. (14 replies)

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