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... Pita Bread good for you? ... (8 replies)
... I believe hummus and pita bread are very good for you. Hummus is made of chick peas which are a very good source or fiber. And I agree with the whole wheat pita bread..healthier. ... (8 replies)
... I agree with the other posters that hummus should be a good snack. I also suggest finding healthy items to dip in it. It's easy to get too many crackers or pita chips! ... (5 replies)

... meal for keeping sugars stable. Fiber helps stable blood sugars. The trouble my son gets in is that he has alot of crackers to put the hummus on. Thats where he gets a little out of control. I like to make carrot "chips" and dip it in the hummus. ... (5 replies)
... Hummus and pita make a great food choice. Good for you and tastes great too! As was mentioned before, whole wheat pita is a great alternative to regular pita. I make my own pita chips for use with hummus or salsa. They are so easy to do. ... (8 replies)
... Mm.. sounds good. I'm gonna try it out! :) (42 replies)
... I went thru a phase of eating hummus. It is so delicious! I stopped myself from buying it, because I thought it was too many carbs. ... (42 replies)
... How do you prepare the chickpeas? Straight from the can? Raw? Or do you cook them first, or something? Thanks. (42 replies)
... Here is my recipe. Give it a try! ... (42 replies)
... it is mostly fat. When you make it from scratch, you can control the amount of fat you use and you can get the amount of fat pretty low in this recipe. ... (42 replies)
... in content by far in the plant world. I think without legumes, billions would have starved over the course of history because grains simply are not a comparably good source of protein. ... (42 replies)
... Hummus is great for you. All that goes in mind is ckick peas, garlic, lemon juice, EVOO, and some tahini. ... (8 replies)
... on the olive oil. while you can get baked felafel, most places it comes deep fried, so i would eliminate that one first if you're shooting for low fat. my guess is that hummus would be your best bet, as eggplant tends to absorb a lot of oil. ... (4 replies)
... with shredded carrot! yum :) (8 replies)
... Mmm...hummus and pita bread are some of my favorite foods!! It's a great choice...if you want to make it even healthier, try buying whole grain pita! (8 replies)
... HUmmus is really good! ... (7 replies)
... erthals lived with early true modern humans just a few hundred thousand years ago and only died out some tens of thousands of years ago. The divergence from apes is much further back, with the last common ancestor of chimps and what became humans some 6 MILLION years ago. ... (42 replies)
... can be part of a healthy diet. The usually variety of pita bread is made with refined, white flour . . . so there are certainly better choices. ... (8 replies)
... And I'll have my whey to add more protein for a snack..that's beside the point but I really thought that beans were good for us. I don't even have flautulence anymore since i'm used to them. I love this soup, it's full of veggies and beans in a great tasting broth. ... (42 replies)
... wholemeal pita's are a good choice too. ... (8 replies)

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