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... mr. panicky, It's hard to find a better lunch choice. Good balanced protein (bean, seed ) and fiber with monosaturated fats . A great complete meal. (8 replies)
... And it seems like your theory about this "paleo" diet is the only way to eat, and I dont' think it's for everybody. ... (42 replies)
... Your doctor may want to do an endoscopy/biopsy to confirm a diagnosis of Celiac disease. I personally have undergone this procedure but would not do it again. There are now several tests that are definitive and non invasive, a DNA test and a fecal test both of which can be done at home. Rice can be eaten by some even most celiacs as it does not contain gluten. However I have... (42 replies)

... Evolution is a selection process and if it's natural that you're looking for, a paleo diet is THE only one humans have been selected to eat. ... (42 replies)
... Sorry Justme, not sure. I'm the type of cook that I just throw it all in and it ends up tasting incredible. My friends believe my food is magic and I never use a recipe. Actually the one above, I basically made up. I just kinda follow what my Dad did, but changed a few things. ... (42 replies)
... i have read that the reason for much of man's disease is his consumption of cooked foods. of yeah, and for the gas with the legumes try papaya enzyme and chew your food! ... (42 replies)
... No, like I said, one of them were positive the IgG so I'm still waiting to talk to the doc. Thanks a lot. (42 replies)
... If they are both negative for Celiac/gluten intolerance then you have something else going on. My guess is that you may/maynot have celiac but certainly are at least gluten intolerant. (42 replies)
... ALthough, some people may feel at their optimal best on the "Paleo" diet, "Vegan" diet...everybody is different and if those diets work for you that's fantastic! ... (42 replies)
... Well, I'll certainly lend some credibility to our brains possibly being smaller nowadays, especially when you consider the mess this whole world is in. ... (42 replies)
... Aside from thinking legumes are somehow "unnatural" food for us, I guess I don't understand why you wouldn't dream of eating them. They're full of protein, calcium, iron, and fiber and have healthy fat. I find them very easily digestible and would think most people would except perhaps for someone with diverticulitis or something similar going on. Are there some adverse... (42 replies)
... solution to legumes but I don't eat them. Phytates, protease inhibitors, haemagluttins, isoflavones present way too much downside for an amino acid profile that is lacking. ... (42 replies)
... Oh okay thank you. Does it mean there is DEFINITELY something wrong, even though it may not be gluten? ... (42 replies)
... From doing research, this diet is probably ONE of the healthiest IF not THE healthiest. It's been recognized AS the healthiest in many articles. ... (42 replies)
... benefits of fairly modern foods, herbs, etc. There is NOTHING wrong with rice and time evolved, more discoveries were made! ... (42 replies)
... Check it out and let me know what you think. One thing though, is that legumes affects insulin levels in the diabetic patient. ... (42 replies)
... Legumes are well known to cause digestive problems unless properly prepared and even then there are the distress of gas and a growling belly. The phytates in legumes can cause poor absorbtion of minerals. Protease inhibitors can damage the pancreas, haemagglutins can produce various problems and Lathyrogens in Chickpeas can be responsible for Spastic paralysis of the legs,... (42 replies)
... What do you eat your hummous with? (42 replies)
... Hummous is not bad at all its has protein and lots of nutrients. Like everything in life, moderation is the key. ... (42 replies)
... my antigliadin test came up postive but the secretary said that it wasn't so serious. My Igg number was 38 and the normal is 20. Remember, I had a blood test to see if i had a "gluten intolorance." I may have to eat like this "paleo" diet after all. ... (42 replies)

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