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... I was wondering what a good amount of carbs per day is? ... (2 replies)
... How do I know how much protein and carbs to eat per day. I know there are refined and unrefined carbs. I am talking about the good carbs. ... (1 replies)
Aug 9, 2002
... That number was set because it is the level where most people will lose a lot of weight initially, as a motivating boost. The level of carbs at which anyone will lose weight is a matter of individual metabolism, and also depends on how quickly one wants to lose the weight. ... (5 replies)

... Pancakes, waffles fill me up extremely! I rarely eat omelette's as that much egg grosses me out, but when I used to they'd fill me up for hours. Cereal fills me up for a couple hours. If I want to really fill myself for minimum 5 hours then I have pancakes (2 max) or a waffle w/ hash browns or side of fruit and I am fine till it's time for a late lunch or early dinner. (7 replies)
Aug 8, 2002
... When doing the Atkins diet, what should be the max carbs you should have in one day? ... (5 replies)
... if you want to max out your athletic performance eat about an hour or two before working out. you need carbs for energy and some protein so you don't burn your muscle. for example, runners and body builders usually eat before and right after working out. ... (10 replies)
... er 25 grams of fiber. Above 1200 calories per day female or 1500 per day male or your body goes into starvation mode and doesn't want to let go of any fat. Your max calories per day depend on how active you are and how well your metabolism works. ... (4 replies)
... te like this you'd gain a lot of weight, and a lot of fat. If you want to gain muscle you must work out. I recommend working out three times a week with weights. Max lifting in short sets. You must force your body to build muscle. ... (11 replies)
... o eat as many grams of protien as you weigh. But the most important part of this, YOU MUST WORK OUT. Unless you want to gain fat. When you work out lift weights, max lift with short reps. ... (11 replies)
Always bloated!!
May 16, 2008
... I agree that eating LESS carbs really helps! Even if you still eat a normal amount of carbs rather than a very low carb diet it helps. I still eat carbs but I stick with low glycemic. No pastas, white breads, or regular potatoes. ... (4 replies)
Dec 28, 2004
... its not the amount of fat or carbs you eat that are preventing a weight loss. ... (10 replies)
... Yes, vegetarians and vegans are healthier, live longer,and if you go toward veganism, you're likely to avoid all heart disease and cancer, as well as other conditions. STick to water, whole grains (carbs are good), veggies, and limit the fruits to the 2 servings or so a day. However, I eat mostly carbs and my bodyfat as a woman is quite low (between 15-17%). I'm 34 and... (23 replies)
... Thanks for all the info, i have been eating bread with peanut butter, cheerios, and pasta a lot. I drink about 5-7 glasses of water a day, and a glass of fat free milk a day. I have been taking in 1600 calories a day. Is going over the recommended calories a day worse, or better? Or should i only take like 4-5 meals a day equal to the recommended calories per day? Also,... (8 replies)
... hours MAX with the running. You really dont need to work your body that much. ... (8 replies)
... thanks for your help (22 replies)
... Minimize carbs at night. ... (22 replies)
Caveman Diet
Apr 3, 2006
... Thanks for the input Max and 6foot. ... (5 replies)
Carb questoin!
May 29, 2005
... lbs MAX per week. ... (10 replies)
... Pick yourself up and keep at it. I love chocolate too so I keep Hersheys dark chocolate kisses on hand and limit myself to 5 pieces max at any one sitting to satisfy my choc. ... (3 replies)
... If you are unintentionally gaining or losing weight, then you may have to adjust the calorie intake appropriately to maintain the desired weight. If you are attempting to gain muscle, you likely need to increase calorie intake (and if your normal diet is just barely adequate in protein, you may need to increase than to support muscle building exercise, though most people in... (3 replies)

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