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... in the Middle East. The B blood type was supposed to have evolved from type O 15,000 to 10,000 YA in the Himalayas highlands. O, according to him, is the ancestral type. ... (8 replies)
Paleo Diet
May 14, 2005
... But the blood type diets do mean moderate quantities of nutritious food, so they're definitely good in that way. ... (18 replies)
... ALA on VERY low carb diets can drop you into hypoglycemia rather quickly, so monitor your physical reactions and adjust dosage accordingly. ... (13 replies)

... Yes, wine is a common denominator, but in the year I've been eating/living the Mediterranean way, other differences I've found are: Folks in that part of the world walk everywhere. They walk to school, work, they live in skinny four-story buildings where they have to walk up steps. They don't have a machine for everything to make their life easier. Red meat. Here we... (3 replies)
Low fat snacks?
Sep 1, 2006
... fat diets are really ment to help you lower cholesterol rather than loose weight, but some people do loose weight on them. ... (3 replies)
... Do any amount of reading about nutrition and you will run into plenty of conflicting opinions based on "scientific fact" and even among "qualified" "experts", medical doctors, etc. Many critics of various food plans have a tendency to focus on some aspect of a plan, imagine the worst possible way one could interpret it, and expound on the nutritional disaster that will... (22 replies)
... There are also several concerns, namely that the diets recommended for blood groups O and A are considerably limited and cut out major groups of foods. ... (22 replies)
... Aspartame, Cyclamates, and Splenda are perfectly safe products FAR more healthy than the sugar they replace in our diets. Those who choose the "urban legends" of the Internet are free to think that all three are deady poisons concocted by some GOLDFINGER or DOCTOR NO to destroy the population of Earth. Perhaps the G'O'ULD, or the REPLICATORS even had a part in the fiendish... (48 replies)
... she is thin. She is also vegetarian to begin with and has never had to loose any weight. From what she tells me...Type A are supposed to be the vegetarians, type o are supposed to be the carnivoires, and type B are the omnivores. I still don't understand the logic, but then I don't understand the logic of most diets. ... (12 replies)
South Beach diet
Jul 18, 2003
... I know that some diets allow you to lose weight quickly but only if you have enough to shed quickly and they never seem to help you lose the last ten pounds. ... (34 replies)
... I think most of us Americans seem to prefer the drama of going on "diets" rather than to actually use the wisdom and discipline needed to discover and implement new ways of healthy eating that will help for a lifetime. Because changing the way you think about food and your relationship to it is way harder than just following some prescribed diet plan for a short time, with... (6 replies)
... about 10 grams of carbs plus a wee bit of other stuff. Not everyone is on low carb although it does seem to be the latest fad... I think these low carb diets do more harm then good in the long run. ... (7 replies)
Syndrome x?
Sep 3, 2001
... Low fat diets will improve these numbers only slightly. ... (6 replies)
Syndrome x?
Sep 2, 2001
... Low fat diets will improve these numbers only slightly. ... (6 replies)

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