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... Just my opinion, but since protein slows down digestion... ... (5 replies)
... ***Well, their thrties and maybe forties. But so were everybodydying like that then, including folks with tons of fruit surrounding them in the tropics. the causes of short life span ten thousand years ago did not include following an atkins diet. sean (38 replies)
Whey protein drink
Nov 26, 2005
... then having the protein drink in the morning will be good for your body as you are likely to get adequate protein throughout the rest of the day from lunch and dinner. ... (8 replies)

... and the couple of times I tried your kind of thing, I just put on a pound or so a week until I went back to cutting carbs. It was most disheartening. I lost months of progress in only several weeks. ... (38 replies)
... you need to give your body rest. So, the most common workout program prescribe to workout every other day if you are beginner with one week rest after 6 or 12 weeks. if you are advanced, than maybe a 2 day yes, 1 day rest. ... (8 replies)
... and practice Karate usually three hours per week. I have been on atkins or a modified version of it for years. Atkins is absolutely compatible with a vigorous exercise program. ... (38 replies)
... than I was before I ate. ... (10 replies)
Atkins Lies
Dec 30, 2003
... Then you keep going at it for the next 20 or 30 years and so on and so on. What is the problem with that? ... (70 replies)
Jul 8, 2003
... The all around champ for veggies looking for protein is soy in its various forms. ... (1 replies)
... good to go to the gym with empty stomach or should i have something like sprouts 1 hour before going to the gym? ... (8 replies)
... suits you. There are hundreds of diets out there because everybody has a different taste, lifestyle, metabolism, etc. For example, I'm the mixed type like half protein half carb ratio. Some people's energy level is great when they eat a higher protein to carb ratio. It all depends on how you feel after you eat a meal. ... (7 replies)
... c muscle ways more than fat. Depending on what you comsumed the day before, you could gain or lose a few pounds. ... (5 replies)
... conceded that for maximum performance, for very intensive workouts such as for competitive sports, you might do better with more carbs. I think I said this two or three different ways. All I was arguing is that this is NOT an absolute. ... (38 replies)
... Amen! ;) (5 replies)
... o set up a routine that you are comfortable with. Sorry to sound like I'm preaching here, but many people don't realize that whether you're trying to gain weight or lose weight, that it is a LIFESTYLE change. ... (5 replies)
... minutes before working out. A recent study showed this to enhance fat burning and muscle building compared to other protein sources or taking the meal after working out. I would still eat after working out too though! ... (2 replies)
... good to go to the gym with empty stomach or should i have something like sprouts 1 hour before going to the gym? ... (8 replies)
... A calorie is a measure of energy. One calorie of fat, protein, carb, cake or chicken is one calorie of energy. ... (7 replies)
Mar 7, 2002
... ments or something, so need advice, at the moment i take one drink, protein and carbohydrate about half an hour after exercise, does it suit me,should i take it before exercise and what u guys out there would advise me about creatine,should i go for it if i want to gain and gain!and if yes how? ... (3 replies)
... Don't worry about exact calories. Too little or too much won't show up "overnight." It is a 'law of averages' over time. Like the old myth "Don't eat before you go to bed, it will turn to fat" is a crock. It depends on 'total caloric intake' and that shows up, as I said, over a period of time. ... (1 replies)

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