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... Regardless of what may be causing symptoms, cutting out sugar will ultimately help you. Are you trying to cut carbs altogether, or just sweets? ... (12 replies)
... if you're doing the candida diet you also have to give up fermented products (soy sauce, vinegar, wine, beer, alcohol) wheat, dairy, mushrooms etc. when I first gave up sugar i got withdrawal symptoms for a few days - its rough!! but stick with it, it DOES get easier. anything you give up, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, love, coffee will be difficult as you adjust to the... (12 replies)
... that I didn't want to deal with an allergic reaction! When I started the elimination diet, I felt better within the first week, but I had new symptoms. My blood sugar episodes went away along with the strange sensations I felt and all of my other symptoms, but I developed MAJOR allergic symptoms. ... (12 replies)

... I want to quit sugar and start a Candida diet. For those of you that have cut sugar out of your diets completely, how difficult was it? ... (12 replies)
... When I first gave up sugar I got headaches, felt nauseated, felt absolutely starving - it was horrible. All I could think about was food!! But a few days into it i really did feel better, my weird sugar-headaches had gone, I stopped feeling hot all the time, and I didn't feel hungry constantly. Maybe phase them out slowly. Start of with meals with veggies and a carb and... (12 replies)
... the nausea made me give into the sugar when trying this another time! ... (12 replies)
... Solstice, Sugar is easy to cut out without symptoms. If you go the full carb elimination (<20g), you'll get a couple weeks of daily headaches (Tylenol works) but if you continue eating starches, you won't feel any pain. I'm not a cadida "believer" except in cases of proven cadidiasis, but cutting out sugars from your diet is an otherwise ALL-GOOD approach...NO DRAWBACKS at... (12 replies)
... It's the lactose, the sugar in milk. ... (1 replies)
... Another thing that is imperative to omit is all preserved meats. This includes deli meats, bacon, ham, tec... Also, its recommended that you only use fresh organic (free range) meats and poultry, where the livestock has not been injected with antibiotics, as this can contribute to the yeast. (12 replies)
... Hi Katalina, My experience with Candida was so long ago - I really don't remember everything. I do remember what I felt like before the diet, I remember taking Nystatin (powder by mouth, followed by water), I do not remember if I took acidophilus, and I don't remember naseau worsening during the first week of the diet. My primary symtoms were dizziness (very extreme) an... (12 replies)
... jdimassimo, Thanks for the reply! That was really informative. I didn't know that you can get injections for food allergies, that would be great. I am sure that my allergies WILL subside, or at least get a little bit better, once the Candida is gone. I was planning on going to an allergist a while ago, but lost my insurance. Now, my mom is going to pay for it. I recently... (12 replies)
... Hi Katalina, I did experience a candida albicons overgrowth about 17 years ago. It was after I was on 45 days of antibiotics for a severe bladder infection caused by a water contamination problem in the city where I live (which is why the infection would not go away). Finally, after getting a water filtration system I was able to fight the infection. My candida symptoms... (12 replies)
... Solstice, Well, That's really about the practical minimum (and coincidentally the Atkins INDUCTION level.) About as close to no carb as you can get without a fast. (12 replies)
... zip2play, It's considered a full carbohydrate elimination when eating under 20 grams per day? (12 replies)
... Ironically, quitting nicotine causes weight gain due to the improvement in overall health; lowering of systemic inflammation, decreased heart rate and being able to taste and smell again. Weight gain tends to level off in two to five years. Edit to add: sugar free popsicles kept me busy. They're satisfying, take awhile to eat and are only 10-15 calories. (14 replies)
... I'm gonna start with family background, which is that my father's father has diabetes. My father does not have diabetes, but his triglycerides are high as is his sugar - so he's on a strict diet now. Here's my personal background: Up until four weeks ago I was a very overweight college kid, 23 years old and 270 lb.s at 5-10, who lived on cheese, cigarettes and coca-cola.... (4 replies)
Syndrome x?
Sep 2, 2001
... I have not felt good for so long. I am scared about what could be happening to my body. I am also working on quitting smoking. Has anyone out there ever dealt with this? ... (6 replies)

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