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... Hi there sugar; are you a celiac and, thanks a lot... (10 replies)
... Hi there! Here's a list of Gluten free tips: What you can eat on a Gluten-Free Diet:Fruits and vegetables, dried fruits (unsulfured) Most dairy products (if not lactose intolorent) Vegetable oils Nuts Corn and Cornmeal Rice-whole grain, flour, rice pasta Buckwheat-whole grain, flour Meat, fish, poultry (10 replies)
... If have noticed huge that with no gluten my stomach is deflated. So yes much luck! My advice, Go PALEO, and gluten free rolls right with it. BE CAREFUL, stay away from GLUTEN FREE Frozen dinners you think is ok. Go to the store, walk on the outside wall. ... (4 replies)

... dified" is a general term. It doesn't say anything about which genetic material has been modified. I have no idea what has been modified in any specific batch of soy or any other product. All I know is that soy has no gluten. ... (5 replies)
... Just for clarity, would you consider the genetically modified soy found in most processed foods pure? ... (5 replies)
Dr. Atkins
Feb 18, 2001
... PLEASE don't forget modified soy product. ... (34 replies)
... Thanks for the compliment, I have alot more learning to do obviously. Anyways, do they sell gluten free waffles, pasta and cereal for sure? ... (78 replies)
Soy is deadly!
Mar 30, 2007
... or soy products, etc. ... (24 replies)
... Unfortunately soy shakes are processed using hexane and other toxic chemicals to make it usable in order to drink it, which are dangerous. And.. ... (6 replies)
... To add one more piece of information, in my opinion there is a very clear connection between gluten and type 1 diabetes. ... (51 replies)
... gluten free. Beware of hidden wheat in things like soy sauce, other gluten containing grains like barley, rye, spelt, etc.. ... (12 replies)
... I would not eat soy bread. Soy is very toxic. Eating soy is what causes all these sensitivities. Most people don't realize how much soy is in their diet. ... (51 replies)
... here is a popular diet called "Paleofood" or "Paleodiet" that is good for celiacs. Do a search on "Paleofood" and you should find plenty. Another good site about gluten intolerance in general is ... (10 replies)
... Pure soy does not contain gluten. ... (5 replies)
... does soy contain gluten? ... (5 replies)
... better soy bread(since your a soy freak) rice bread corn bread(this is proly the best bread for your health) potato bread spelt bread i remember when i was a little kid i use to put up wallpaper with my dad and, use wheat flour mixed with water to stick it up..How good can that be for your health..?? if you try making glue with any other type of flour it... (51 replies)
... Your response regarding PURE soy has no wheat confused me, and you bring out a good point that soy can be genetically modified with substances like wheat that we wouldn't be aware of unless it is labeled non-GMO or organic. I read that some soy protein has been modified in such a way (I forgot the details) that people with peanut allergies can have a reaction! They would... (5 replies)
... First thing, you need to go 100% gluten free for six weeks before you make any call on whether or not that helps. Also, have you tried eliminating dairy or soy? Those are two other big "offenders" and if you cut back on gluten, you might be eating more of those things without realizing it. Cutting foods out 100% is hard, but trust me, if you start to feel better, it is most... (12 replies)
... However, soy sauce is typically made with wheat as well as soybeans, so it does contain enough gluten so that people with celiac disease need to avoid it. ... (1 replies)
... Good advice above about the ethnic cuisine, though beware of hidden sources of gluten. Soy sauce and several other sauces usually have wheat. Kimchi even has wheat in the fermentation liquid sometimes. ... (5 replies)

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