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Jan 16, 2005
... (12 replies)
... as I think its kind of gross. I'm happy with rice, soy or almond milk. ... (97 replies)
... Vegan diets can vary a lot from one person to the next. I know "junk vegans" (think lots of unfrosted pop-tarts, french fries, sandwich cookies, and soy ice cream) and "health nut vegans" (think sprouted grains, lentil and bean loaves, and lots of salad). I'm somewhere in the middle myself. Yesterday I had: Veggie Sushi (with combinations of faux crab, baked tofu,... (8 replies)

... w has celiac. So one sister has it and they were saying two other sisters "have it in their system" so it is suspected they will develop more intolerance toward gluten as they get older. That "in your system" business I had never heard of, though I don't know that much about celiac. ... (4 replies)
... I have also thought about the nut, dairy, egg, soy allergies, which is why I am not eating anymore dairy. ... (44 replies)
... This is a really tough combo, but you could try cottage cheese, other low-fat dairy...low-carb yogurt. You could try gluten products or if you eat soy, there are a ton of products that are low fat/low carb and high protein, but its harder to find those if you dont eat soy. also if you eat soy...tofu can be great...there are a lot of sources for tofu recipes b/c (lets be... (1 replies)
... Do you know about gluten intolerance and celiac disease? ... (8 replies)
... Yes, you can salt the rice, nobody is allergic to salt...but don't use soy sauce because soy might be one of your allergens... same goes for pepper. ... (5 replies)
... Sounds like it's the chocloate and sodium, but it could also be from gluten. Gluten is a protein found in many grains including wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut, and oats. ... (4 replies)
... organic Gluten free brown rice elbos, with chick peas..with aged parmesan cheese... with home made sauce..and, homemade saussages.. ... (49 replies)
... oranges and a glass of very veggie juice, and a small bag of soy chips, yummmmm. Oh and a piece of kamut with butter, jelly and green tea. ... (49 replies)
... Jennita, I have never heard of fructose intolerance but I'd believe it. They put it in everything these days and it makes me sick, too, like milk. I don't drink pasteurized or processed fruit juice, either!! In fact, I don't drink much except water. I don't think you understood my point in "milk-bashing". My argument is NOT 100% unfounded. I am differentiating between raw... (94 replies)
... urpose is for flavoring rather than nutrition. Caramel coloring can come from various sources, including barley. There's a whole long list of hidden sources of gluten available from celiac organizations. ... (17 replies)
... rice pasta for supper, or soy pasta..whatever.. ... (21 replies)
... in it and it's so hard to totally eliminating it, plus I love to make whole wheat pasta but I never tried the corn pasta yet, I think I'll give it a try. Gluten free or wheat free cereals don't have any fiber in it, or do they? ... (97 replies)
... hey massimo, are your Genisoy chips gluten free..? ... (58 replies)
... Hi there, I have been "quasi" vegetarian for about 9 months, now...and "quasi" vegan for approx. 1 or 2 months. I say quasi as I don't eat meat for the reason that there are so many toxins and hormones in animal products, therefore do not buy them, although I am not opposed to eating ~some~ organic meat/fish products. And only sometimes. I do not generally buy organic... (15 replies)
... as well, and some from mushrooms, in addition to soy protein. and if you really wanted to avoid beans at all costs, you could. ... (15 replies)
... hi, well yeah im a master at this..but Gluten is in everything..put it this way its in all the junk...cookies, cereals, canned soups, mustard, ketchup, relish, vinegar is from malt and, malt is from gluten.. ... (10 replies)
... Have you changed anything about what you eat or what you use (soap, detergent, perfume, etc) in that time? Gluten is not the only alergy that can affect you like this; nuts, soy, eggs, dairy - they are all possible culprits. And they are things that can develop overnight. Another possiblility is that you're eating lots of veggies and foods rich in Omega 6 EFAs (and from... (44 replies)

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