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... I'm noticing it hard to digest my vitamin. They're the One-A-Day everything vitamin. It's a green bottle. I took one two hours before a workout once and it really screwed up my workout. it felt like my body was trying so hard to digest it that it threw me off. Are there any vitamins out there that are easy to digest yet still provide the important nutrients? does anyone... (3 replies)
Vitamin Digestion
Feb 10, 2006
... I once bought the "chewable" Vitamin C...the big mixed citrus flavored jobs. ... (3 replies)
Vitamin Digestion
Feb 10, 2006
... anyways, maybe i should take them like 6 hours before workout. (3 replies)

... I stick with the colorful vitamins that are shaped like a dino :) (3 replies)
... The most important thing is, there are different forms of Vitamin A out there. The kind you get from animal products and from some vitamin pills is the active form. It's easy to overdose on, and the overdose is particularly dangerous to women in early pregnancy. ... (3 replies)
... Vitamin B's are needed for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients and the formation of red blood cells. Folic acid can help to correct deficencies. ... (5 replies)
New to Veganism
Oct 12, 2006
... Trypsin inhibitors in soy interfere with protein digestion and may cause pancreatic disorders. In test animals soy containing trypsin inhibitors caused stunted growth. ... (28 replies)
... omplete opposite of what your body is designed for and really needs. Probably the only benefit is you may get extra vitamins but then you can do that by taking a vitamin pill. The health benefits of eating whole fruits and vegetables that will be digested normally, and contain all the fibre is far better for your body. ... (4 replies)
... Fiber doesn't have any calories your body can use, but it fills your stomach, and it helps keep your digestion healthy. ... (16 replies)
Will this work
Mar 16, 2006
... ng this is why most people cook their veg, but as we all know cooking destroys a large percentage of vitamins, some minerals and all enzymes. by juicing you make digestion of a raw food a whole lot easier, but all of the enzymes and vitamin and mineral content is intact. ... (6 replies)
... Caffeinated drinks cause jitters, insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, elevated blood cholesterol levels, vitamin and mineral depletion, breast lumps, birth defects, and perhaps some forms of cancer. ... (16 replies)
... I am a nutrition counselor and there are a few things I have learned about why the body craves foods. It is all nutrient related. Our body remembers the foods it gets minerals from. Ever crave ice - iron deficient; Chocolate - magnesium deficient ; the lists goes on. Women especially crave chocolate around their period due to the magnesium being lost during menstration. ... (4 replies)
... based will be the future vitamin I think as some already exist. ... (94 replies)
Yoghurt vs dairy
Mar 28, 2005
... a lot of soymilks have as much calcium and vitamin d as dairy milk. and of course there are a ton of very healthy and calcium rich plant foods, too. ... (25 replies)
... to a soft consistency so that they can pass through the digestive tract in a texture that makes elimination of waste products easy. When the villi are flattened, digestion of food is impaired, and the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, fats and water are not absorbed properly. ... (51 replies)
... Hi, If you are looking for a milk or soy substitute with anything like the nutritional value of either, rice milk is not a real option. It is white and tastes okay, but it has almost no protein and very little calcium or the many other nutrients of either soy or dairy products. Almond milk seems like it has the possibility of being a bit better, as almonds are a... (22 replies)
... er poster alluded to, you also have to do something to get your bowels under control, because the bloating and not going to the bathroom are both signs that your digestion and elimination are not working properly. ... (12 replies)
... Our stomachs also contain hydrochloric acid, which by definition can also be classified as both a corrosive and hazardous substance. Yet, having too little hydrochloric acid impairs protein digestion and vitamin C absorption, allows the B-vitamins to be destroyed, and prevents minerals from reaching the blood to the extent that anemia can develop and bones crumble. But still,... (44 replies)

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