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... Today I felt weak and shaky only 5 minutes after eating a slice of fruit cake. I'd eaten it earlier today also without the shakes and I've had plenty of protein too. ... (1 replies)
... shaking hands feeling and if I try to eat something else to help it, Im so hungry and practically inhale whatever Im eating. ... (3 replies)
... fat an see if that helps. You should feel more satisfied after eating without feeling hungry all the time. ... (18 replies)

... I could agree that some places sugar it up as a way of improving the weak flavor. ... (12 replies)
... I used to feel the exact way you described. I'd have my two cups of coffee, nothing to eat, and feel okay -- but hungry -- until lunch. If I ate something really small and/or sugary (recovering Pop-Tart addict here) for breakfast, I'd feel soooo light-headed and shaky and just would feel totally famished by lunch. It wasn't until I started trying to lose weight and eat a... (3 replies)
... You need to be eating breakfast in the morning. Thats what starts your day and provides your energy. ... (3 replies)
... would cause me to soon start eating everything within reach. ... (3 replies)
... I would eat anything. I was just so hungry that I didn't care what I ate, all I knew is if I didn't eat, I would feel like I would pass out. Funny though, even eating I still didn't feel good. It's like trial and error now when it comes to food I eat and how I feel after. I am sensitive to sugar for some reason which sucks! ... (12 replies)
... c you're not full are you eating a second helping of a full meal? ... (12 replies)
... Seriously, NOTHING fills me up anymore. It's embarassing and annoying, because I can eat more than anybody I know and still not feel full. Then about 30 minutes after eating a gigantic portion of food, I'll start getting hunger pangs again. ... (5 replies)
... we get weak and loose control and indulge to soothe those craving pains and its only afterwards that you feel like all is lost, BUT ITS NEVER PERMANENT!!!! ... (3 replies)
Sep 30, 2003
... headed feeling would at times get worse, but it would never completely go away. ... (1 replies)
... carb diet does NOT spell malnutrition. It is NOT unhealthy. The main restriction is on refined sugars and white flour. What on earth can be unhealthy about eating mainly fresh vegetables and some protein for two weeks? ... (162 replies)
Feb 26, 2005
... So, then I read the 'Carbohydrate Addicts Diet' and I had my epiphany. It totally clued to how all those carb laden foods were causing the vicious cycles of eating and feeling good followed by extreme and naseating hunger within 2 hours. ... (32 replies)
Apr 22, 2005
... I don't know why you're feeling like you do coz i have no medical training, but the fact that you're eating so few carbs and exercising just doesn't seem right. Couldn't you incorporate just a few good carbs after you've worked out? ... (3 replies)

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