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Hi All,

Has anyone with duodenitis also had middle back pain?

I've had middle back pain (not muscular pain) for the past 18 months with associated chest pressure and intermittant abdominal pain and diarrhea.

All of my blood work has been normal except for low vit B12 levels, for which I am taking supplements. Urinalyses and urine cultures have been normal. A pelvic CT and ultrasound was normal. Stool tests were all normal. MRIs of my thoracic and lumbar spine were unremarkable with just normal degeneration expected for my age (<50). I was negative for celiac antibodies and negative for H. pylori via breathe test. Negative for Lyme disease. One month on Cipro antibiotic did nothing to help.

Most recently, I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. The endoscopy found inflammation of my duodenum and the histology of biopsies were consistent with inflammation. My doctor thought the duodenitis might explain my chest pain.

I'm currently on histamine blockers and sucralfate to help heal my stomach. After 3 weeks, my back and chest pain remain. I've also had painful inguinal lymph nodes on one side for the past 5 months (just sore, not swollen). When my back pain (a squeezing pain on my spine in the middle of my back, sometimes a burning feeling radiating to the sides) and chest pain (an intense pressure under my sternum) are at their worst, my lymph nodes are also most sore. To me, as I experience it, all of these symptoms are related, they come and go together.

My doctors are unconcerned about my lymph nodes and have no potential diagnosis that could link my back, chest, abdominal pains together. Has anyone here ever experienced or heard of this set of symptoms or have potential explanations?

My energy level is fine and my weight has been consistent. The pain waxes and wanes. When it is at a peak, I have trouble working, sleeping, and interacting with people. When it is at a minimum, my back is just sore and my back and neck crack very easily and frequently.

Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and jogging provide transient relief. I've cut all dairy, gluten, and red meat out of my diet for the past 3 wks, but that has not helped yet.

And suggestions for possible diagnoses, treatments, or further tests would be greatly appreciated. The pain is wearing on me.


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