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Hey folks

Since the 11th of august I've had diarrhoea, nausea (no vomiting), heartburn, frequent urination and dizziness. I've also been unbelievablely hungry and eating everything in sight and yet I some how lost 10 lbs in a week. I don't really feel unwell so much as just uncomfortable. I figured it was just a mild bug and I'd get over it. On the 13th i started having green stool but it has since cleared up. I also thought maybe I was pregnant but I got a blood hcg test on the 18th and I haven't received a call saying it was positive so I guess it was negative.

Starting the 17th I started getting this pain under my right breast. Like, beneath it. Inside the ribs. I thought it WAS my breast, but it doesn't quite feel like its in the tissue. Just underneath the breast itself.

And it sort of radiates a bit to the right side and into the right shoulder. Kind of crampy more than anything. Like a Charlie horse. It doesn't hurt when I breathe in at all though.
And tonight the diarrhea, nausea, heartburn and the pain seem really bad. I might go to the walk in tomorrow if it continues as bad.

Any idea what's going on? I'm not sure what to research. I'm going to call my doc on Monday.

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