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I have been having problems for the past 2 years. I have every test imaginable - some twice. My most recent tests include EGD - 3rd one - mild inflammation - no reflux according to Mayo Clinic Dr I saw and Bravo test, 2nd HIDA scan 75% EF - the HIDA scan two years ago was 72% - did get nausea and pain upon CCK injection but it subsided after 15 minutes or so. All blood work normal - low Vitamin D for as long as I can remember. Cannot eat or tolerate fats any more - including olive oil - it makes me sick. US showed 3 polyps on gallbladder - largest one being 4mm in size - no wall thickening or stones or sludge. US two years ago I only had one polyp so there are more this time around. Met with surgeon and he is willing to remove gallbladder b/c he said there are enough soft indicators to have it removed. He is leaving it up to me. He said he cannot guarantee that it will make me better. I am nauseated at odd times and sometimes after I eat but not all the time. I do have URQ pain but it's bearable - no pain meds needed. I am on a no fat diet and all I can drink is water b/c everything else irritates my stomach. I have tried probiotics and they don't seem to help. I have recently developed food allergies to almost everything so I am down to 4 foods that I eat every day and those I am not allergic to so I know those aren't causing me issues. I don't have diarrhea or constipation but my stools are orange. I am losing weight only b/c I can't eat or tolerate fats and cannot get enough calories. I want to have the surgery but am not sure b/c surgeon said it could cause diarrhea but that is in a small percentage of patients. Any advice?
Surgery has been scheduled for next Friday. I am praying all goes well and that I am making the right decision. I will post after the surgery.
My weight had gone down to 80 pounds when I had my surgery. I was basically living on Ensure. When your weight drops significantly, so does your blood pressure. Mine was usually 90/63. It took me a little longer to recover my energy after surgery, but nonetheless, I did recover. I was having a ton of symptoms prior to surgery, such as extreme dry mouth, tingling in my fingers. I believe a lot of symptoms come from your body trying to balance itself out during your illness. I have none of those symptoms now. My advice would be don't overthink it. You will know once the gall bladder is gone if you need further testing.
I had mine removed on august 30th of this year. I honestly dont regret it better than having horrible pain and vomiting in my case i found out my gallbladder was diseased practically black when i was taken seriously ill in the ER... people bodies respond different after surgery... i personally had really bad diahrrea the first two weeks then afterwards your body adjusts.. reminder though you have to make a permanent lifestyle change and that is healthier eating habits and drinks lots of water 😀
The first few days are a little tough after surgery. Even when you add foods back in, make sure they are low fat. Your liver has to get used to getting rid of the bile without the gall bladder. I did have some stomach discomfort, so I started back in on the second day with a little oatmeal at breakfast and baked chicken and some peas and mashed potatoes with no butter for the rest of the time. I ate some whole grain toast with lowfat butter after about 4 days in the morning with eggs. I just tried to stay lowfat for the first couple of weeks and then gradually added in foods. Because I had lost so much weight, it took me about three weeks to get my energy back. Try to take as little pain meds as possible since they will constipate you and make your stomach pains worse. Let me know how you feel tomorrow. I think you'll improve every day.
I didn't hurt around the sutures. They were just tender, but I'm not as brave as you, I did take pain medication the first 3 days after surgery, so I probably didn't notice. I know I didn't like the glue. I'm sure the surgeon told you about moving carefully during this time. In other words when you're laying down on the bed, don't just sit straight up, but roll to your side and get up slowly. You don't want to do anything that pulls at the incisions. It's going to take a while for the gas to escape, and remember they did actually remove an organ, so you're going to need to take it easy. Since your doctor prescribed medication for you, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to take one just to make you more comfortable while you sleep. If the sutures are still bothering you tomorrow, you could call the doctor and get suggestions. Even if he isn't available, there is usually someone on call to help you. Still keeping you in my prayers.

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