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For the past 4 days I have had a persistent upper abdominal pain that radiates to my back, it's in the center below my sternum. It's hard to describe the pain, but it feels like I just got punched in the solar plexus only it's constant. I have a hard time sleeping and doing many activities like bending. The area between my rib cage is also tender to the touch. I tried fasting and only drinking fluids for 24 hours but that provided no relieve. I took myself to the ER but got no answers. They gave me a GI cocktail (liquid antacid and lidocaine), but that provided 0 relief. They did an upper abdominal ultrasound but apparently they only looked at my gallbladder which looks fine. I was told it's likely abdominal irritation and told to try omepazole and a easy digestible food diet, I have been on that for 2 days and still no relief. I later had a blood test done including amylase and lipase and everything was in normal range making pancreatitis seem unlikely.

I don't have any nausea and vomiting nor do I have a fever and rapid pulse. I haven't been having fatty or oily stools, or clay color stools, in fact they are hard in difficult to pass. No jaundice.
I'm at a loss, but I just want some relief.

Any ideas?

I was told they may want to do an upper endoscopy or abdominal CT scan. I'm not sure which one is better, the endoscopy will tell more about what's going on with the stomach, but the CT scan will show all the organs that could be causing the pain.

I have had several doctors tell me it could be gastritis, but is gastritis typically a constant pain that isn't effected by GI-coctails or eating?

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