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Good morning, Friends!

Well I am no closer to a diagnosis. I think the early thinking that what I have is gastritis is kaput, at least in my mind, as my pain now seems more upper right quadrant. Gallbladder removed 2.5 years ago. Recent ultrasound was normal. Second round of bloods essentially normal (ALT liver enzyme improved from 43 to 32). GGT normal. I am scheduled for an endoscopy Oct. 21. Gastro doc wanted this before ordering an MRCP. My new regimen of meds is Protonix once a day, Welchol (for bile diarrhea) twice a day, and Levbid (for spasms).

Yesterday I had a pretty good day. Not 100 percent, but better than previous days. Last night I had another "attack" that went on for hours: nausea, RUQ pain, back pain.

I am keeping to a fairly bland diet. Only beverage is water, and I drink an Ensure daily and eat plain potatoes, rice cereal, banana, plain white toast, cottage cheese and yogurt.

After a month of this very sudden development, I am getting worn out. I am practically housebound, spending my days on the sofa although I do try to get a thirty minute walk in when I am feeling better. Am worried that I might have sphincter of oddi. Which is so rare as I understand it. Everyone else I know who had their gallbladders removed is just fine. I was too until this.

Thanks for listening.
Hi, I also have had problems since gallbladder removal. Acid/bile reflux, gastritis/duodenitis and upper right quadrant pain, where the gallbladder used to be.
Have been told after several tests that sometimes you never get to the bottom of things...also that it may be the clip they leave inside you

Had another ultra sound scan a few days ago and was told I have mild fatty liver, so am wondering if that is the source of the pain. Scan showed no stones in bile ducts (something you could address?)

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