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Nov 22, 2015
Hi everyone. This is my first post. Among many other chronic and autoimmune diseases, I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis. In layman's terms, this is paralysis of the stomach's digestive process. I've had the symptoms for many years, but a recent endoscopy has diagnosed it. Food is not easily passed through to the small intestine and can actually stay in the stomach for many days. It is incurable and almost untreatable.

My appointment with the gastroenterologist who performed the endoscopy is not until December 1, so I googled a diet which consists of very bland and soft foods such as mashed potatoes, only a few very well cooked vegetables, eggs, jellos, puddings, yogurt both plain and frozen (no fruit), broths and soups with no bulk in them. Forbidden foods are those that are supposed to be the most healthy for us . . . fresh vegetables and fruits, fibers, all meats, salads, nuts, seeds, etc. (essentially what would be a healthy diet).

The symptoms are severe stomach bloat, constipation, pain, which along with my other digestive issues (GERD, IBS, gastritis) and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain from osteoporosis which includes multiple disc compressions, and extreme fatigue, do not make for any comfortable days.

Gastroparesis can be fatal at its worst. I don't think mine is that bad yet. Tube feeding from the stomach to the small intestine is usually the final and permanent attempt to keep one alive and that would be an unacceptable way to end my years, I don't think I could tolerate that kind of life.

I am posting here to find someone who perhaps has this condition and how it's been treated (hopefully successfully). I have googled it extensively and find many different case histories, but would like to communicate directly with someone who either has it or knows someone who does.

Thank you to anyone who can help.

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