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I'm hoping someone with more experience can offer some insight. At the end of September my family caught a stomach bug, within a few days we all got better and moved on. But my husband, who was feeling ill before the rest of us, did not get better and actually got so bad that we ended up going to the ER. They ran several blood tests, a urine sample, and a CT scan all of which were negative. The CT did show inflammation in his colon, so the doctor kept overnight for observation. He was given fluids and antibiotics for three days, which did help, but even a stool sample was negative and the doctor could not offer an explanation for the cause of his pain. The issue he was dealing with was severe burning pain in his sides and stomach area as well as some vomiting. He completed antibiotics for the next few weeks and continued the low residue diet for six more weeks until he was scheduled to recieve a colonoscopy. That also came by negative as well as the inflammation being healed. So here we are two months after the original symptoms began with $13,000 in medical bills and still no answers. He has been on a low residue diet this entire time because he can't tolerate most foods. We are vegan and only eat organic food, so all dairy and greasy fast food are out of the equation. He still deals with heartburn on a daily basis as well as pain in his sides. His stool has not returned to normal either. He tried spaghetti tonight with a little bit of red sauce and immediately started pooping stomach acid. Has anyone experienced anything like this before that can point us in any direction? It's killing me to think his life will consist of eating mashed potatoes and white rice forever, while never really knowing why. Any kind of advice will help, thank you!

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