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Hi everyone,

I just joined today as I am desperately searching for answers as to what is going on with me. Back in April, I noticed a nagging discomfort in my upper right abdomen; right below my bottom rib, generally. Sometimes it radiates to my back. It was sporadic at first, but for the past several months has been present nearly daily and I can feel it to some degree almost all of the time. I would not say it is pain, rather an uncomfortable feeling of soreness, almost burning-like. On "bad" days it is very, very uncomfortable to me. I also have a lot of bloating.
Here are the tests and procedures I've undergone since it started:

Abdominal ultrasound
Abdominal CT scan
Full gynecological workup with sonogram

None of these tests have revealed anything but gastritis for which I take Prilosec. I really believed for a while that I had an ulcer. In the last month though, I have come to believe this pain may be in the hepatic flexure area of my colon, so on Dec. 10 when I see my GI doc again I am going to request a colonoscopy. I don't know what else this could be at this point, but whatever it is does not want to go away. I could tell the other day that my primary doc is getting a little tired of hearing about it, but I'm not going away until I figure it out. Any ideas? Could this be colon cancer--obviously, that's what scares me the most? I have had some "skinny" bowel movements so am going to start monitoring them more closely. I haven't had any blood or any other noticeable bowel changes. What are other possibilities? Anyone experienced anything similar?

Thank you.
It doesn't sound like a big deal but gastritis is a very stuborn and difficult problem to treat and cure. The pains radiating to your back and strange pains in odd places are all related to the gastritis. Phantom pains is a symptom of gastritis. I've been dealing with it on and off for a year. I get chest pains, back pains, groin pain, and of course the classic pain under the right rib cage. In my experiences PPI's don't do much for gastritis. A complete change in your diet will help a lot. No sugur, dairy, bread, eat as many alkaline foods as possible. Cooked veg, rice, lean protein and anything to help heal the mucosal lining of your stomach. L glutamine , probiotics, cabbage juice, siberian pine nut oil, anything that will protect the lining of your stomach and allow it to heal. The more bad things you eat the worse it will get! No pain relevers like asprin or Advil. I also discovered the hard way not to take sinus meds or Mucenix. I was 90% healed and eating just about anything and even gained back almost 20 pounds till I took Mucenix and undid 6 months worth of stomach healing in 4 days! I know what you are thinking it can't be gastritis causing all this pain! I thought the same thing when I went to the ER a year ago. GASTRITIS ... It can't be that!! Trust me you must go on the diet and you will begin to heal and over time you can add things to your diet. Best of luck and it will get better if you help it to.

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