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I'm a 21 year old female, and I have had chronic every day nausea for the past year and a half or so, and have yet to be diagnosed with anything!

I've only been diagnosed with:
Hypothyroidism (under control with meds)
High Thyroid Antibodies
Enlarged liver of 19cm

I was diagnosed with the gallstones and enlarged liver last April via ultrasound, but recently had a CT scan and my liver went up 1cm in size, and the CT scan did not see the gallstones that the ultrasound saw.
I have a lot of upper abdominal pain and upper back pain, which is associated with my gallstones, and for about a year as long as I sat down, the pain would subside. As of a few weeks ago, I started waking up at 5am and having severe upper stomach pain and sweating, but would go away within 30 minutes. I now take apple cider vinegar every night and the pain has gone away, so I'm sure that was gallstone pain. I'm perfectly fine pain wise as long as I continue to take my ACV, but I've had severe all day nausea for the past year mostly and it won't go away!!!!!

It is the worst symptom ever!!! I have been to a gastro, and she didn't seem too concerned about my enlarged liver or gallstones, and I have already seen a surgeon about my gallstones, but I'm not going to remove my gallbladder yet.

The nausea is in my throat a lot, kind of this numb feeling in my throat, but sometimes it is in my stomach, and even worse sometimes its in my throat and stomach. Some days I can manage and go a few places, but most days I just gotta stay at home while my family goes out to dinner because I'm afraid of vomiting, even though I've never vomited with my chronic nausea.

Here's what I've tried for my nausea:

Zofran - Didn't work at all, as if I took nothing.

Ginger Supplements - Didn't seem to work, but I've only taken them on and off, but they do not seem to work.

Ranitidine - Take one every morning, not sure if it works, but if I try and go off it, my nausea somehow gets even worse!

Omaneprazole - Tried only once or twice, didn't seem to help but I've heard you have to take it for 3-4 weeks before it starts working.

Promethazine - Took the edge off my nausea for a few months, but now makes no difference! It's like it stopped working!

Dramamine - I don't get motion sick, but I thought I would try them...they didn't work.

I'm also on a small dose of Milk Thisle right now to help my liver, but it hasn't helped my nausea any.

I'm running out of options and losing hope I will ever live a normal life!
Am I the only one with chronic every day nausea?
It prevents me from going a lot of places and enjoying things when I constantly have to clench my jaw and worry about going out to eat!

I'm wondering if anyone has any options on what to do next? I'm trying to find a decent Gastro that might actually listen to me, but have yet to find another one. My primary doc isn't really sure about my symptom, but has tried to diagnose me.

Please help!! I recently got offered two jobs, and trying to work with severe nausea is very hard. I already take probiotics and eat some yogurt.

Anyone else experience chronic nausea?
Please help!

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