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For months now, I've been having some weird stomach issues. At first I noticed an almost constant sensation that felt a lot like hunger: a gnawing empty-like feeling in my stomach. It goes away or subsides after eating but an hour or two later it's back again.

At first I was convinced it actually was hunger because it felt so much like it but then I realized I can't be hungry because no matter how much I eat it doesn't go away - I even started to gain weight from eating so much. I used to not be hungry in the morning, but now I wake up with this gnawing uncomfortable feeling. And it's the worst at night: sometimes I wake up several times at night feeling ravenous and I can't fall asleep before I eat something.

I used to have gastritis and deodenitis as a child/teenager (I'm in my late 20s now) and very rarely I have flare ups but it's always manifests itself as pain. With what I'm experiencing now there's NO pain, no burning sensation either. Just this gnawing empty sensation plus this slight discomfort after eating on the top of my stomach that I can't really explain - it's feels somewhat "acidic" like when you have heartburn, only without the burning sensation or the stomach acid coming all the way up to your throat/mouth - does this make any sense? I noticed that I've also been salivating more than before. Plus I've been having a lot of awful smelling gas. But normal stool and no burping or no ingestion otherwise. I tried taking tums but they don't do anything.

I'm going to see a doctor as soon as my financial situation allows it. At the moment it doesn't feel urgent, but it's incredibly annoying as I can't stop eating in an attempt to make the discomfort go away.

Did anyone experience anything like it? Could it be GERD/gastritis/deodenitis/ulcer considering there's no pain or burning sensation?

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