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I have seen sooo many doctors... I have Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Degenerative Disk w/ Scoliosis & Arthritis. Low Thyroid that is not stabilizing...
After my last child was born in 2009, Fibromyalgia kicked in. I had undiagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 12 yrs before that.
I think I've had the Gastroparesis for about 8 yrs now. But I think it was mild before. I've dealt with allot of vomiting issues which have gotten worst. Allot of Stomach Bile. Got worst over the years w/ no help. Finally after losing 60 # I got answers. I haven't got a whole lot of help for treatment except Amitriptaline, Lyrica & told to eat mint/ginger, Meditation... Nuts & Dairy make me sick. I have a hard time eating meat or anything that isn't sweet or bland...
I have had so many tests... A GI study showed a have slow gastric emptying. But the Gastrologist says he could give me 3 diagnosis so won't diagnose until he knows which it is... Gastroparesis, IBS or something else I can't remember the name of.
Anyhow, have you seen an Internist? I had never heard of one before... I see one at OSHU & she's great! She gathered a team of doctors & has worked as a team. They have accomplished more in months than all the other doctors had in years...
Btw, I also have a kidney always swollen. Not sure why. Do you know if that's common for Gastroparesis?
After my last child in 2009, I gained weight fast! Like 40 # within a couple months. I could never get it off. I could have starved myself & I wouldn't lose weight. I kept the weight on for years. No idea why. I was still actively running a farm, raising 4 kids & pushed myself keeping busy, not sure how I gained it & couldn't lose it. My appetite was never good but it got worst. Milk products helped me keep weight on. I found that I can't tolerate milk products or peanuts. Adding crackers to my diet has helped substitute the milk...
Anyhow I can keep going but my point... Yes I think Gastroparesis will cause us to gain weight. I think it also causes allot of bloating & water retention... I agree that it can be psychological... But I think that's more of a symptom... Stress is really hard on my body... Stress is psychological so she does have some point... But it's not all psychological & you need a doctor that understands that. I suggest finding a Internist 😄

I have had GP for four years as the result of vagus nerve injury during gall bladder surgery. I am trying to educate my pcp about this disease as she seems to think it is psychological. Also she doesn't believe you can gain weight with GP even though I am barely getting in a few hundred calories per day. She is also nagging me to get my PICC line removed, which provides my hydration and access for medication and blood drawls. Does anyone have any good articles on GP and GP research?
Thanks, wendy[/QUOTE]

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