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Long time reader, first time post(er). Like the title states, I become severely bloated no matter what I eat or drink. Stomach distention after drinking water on an empty stomach can increase by as much as 3-6 inches.

Here's my info: 35 years old, healthy, fitness guru and gym buff. I train 5X a week with weights and cardio. I stick to mainly leafy chicken or beef as a protein source and egg whites and gluten free oatmeal for breakfast. I try to stay away from quick sugars and avoid ALL gluten and dairy. Just one cup of water or a bite from anything results in severe distention. Basically causing my gut to expand through my sides, front stomach area and even put pressure on my lower back (rarely but has happened). I have all abs visible at all times and fairly lean all over, at approximately 13%bodyfat. Im 5'10 and 220 lbs.

So a few weeks ago, i decided to finally go see a GI at the IBS treatment center in Los Angeles, after a stool and blood test, it was confirmed that I was allergic to these items: Dairy and Gluten (which i already knew and had been avoiding for years), and also brewers/bakers yeast and cane sugar....strange I know.

SO, for over several months now, I had been on 500,00 units of Nystatin and 200mg of Flucanozole daily for the treatment of what the doctor "assumes" to be against Candida Albicans. So I was on that treatment plan for months and I hadnt even had one die-off symptom. Prior to this, i was always using extra virgin coconut oil in my cooking and never had die-offs before.

So after telling my doctor nothing has changes, not even a single bowel still contipated, I still have strange random breakouts on my face and I still feel depressed, moody and anxiety especially when im very bloated. There was a time when i used to fart and feel better in bed or upon waking up, but now its gotten to a point where in the last year, just water bloats me to a painful place, i can literally fall to the floor in pain from the bloating. From the bottom of my ribcage my abdominal area can protrude almost perpendicular from my chest.

Even fasting with no gluten, dairy, veggies NOTHING THAT FERMENTS and nothing at all on an empty stomach, just one single glass of water first thing in the morning will expand my gut to a painful level for several many hours. btw, fiber usually makes me worse. Water consumption is at minimum 2 gallons a day (not considering the water i drink at the gym). Its even got to the point where I'm not farting, and Im not burping at all.

My family is extremely worried and scared for me, as I feel the same. As of last week, i stopped seeing that doctor and have since set an appointment for next week to see another well known GI in Pasadena, so hopefully things will change.

I've read several similar posts but didnt want to hijack them since many were from 10+ years ago. Just curious to hear your guys thoughts and would love to hear from you.

Thank you and God Bless

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