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Ok guys and gals this will kind of a long post but I need help and Doctor isn't really giving me piece of mind.

Memorial weekend I though I had gotten food poisoning from taco bell yuck. Felt really sick and throwing up. Rested Monday and by Tuesday was ok. That week I did experience some mild heartburn which I have had in the past and also picked up a little head cold. (I assume from immune system being down from getting sick.)

The following week June 4 - 10 the head cold quickly turned into sinusitis and my cheek hurt extremely bad lots of yellow/green mucous. Reflux feeling was also present with a little gas build up at sternum. Ended up going to urgent care on the 10th and received a steroid for sinus infection and prescribed zantac 30 day for my heartburn. In a matter of hours the steroid cleaned out sinus problem felt good. When I woke up Monday the 11th sinus felt just as bad. I went to my doctor and got a 5 day Z-pack.

The week of June 11th through the 15th the sinus infection went away but reflux and gas/bloating increased, a very uneasy feeling. The Zantac didn't seem to do anything but give me a head ache. On Saturday night 16th we had some BBQ but I didn't go crazy not knowing what my stomach would do. I ended up having extreme gas pains and diarrhea that night. Didn't even sleep really. And fathers day morning I woke up throwing up like I had food poisoning again.

That brings us to this week. Went to the Doc Monday and he said to take the omeprazole I have and to come back and see him in a few weeks. I have been waking up and dealing with during the day quite a bit of gas and bloating pain. Unable to have large burps or pass much gas. The reflux/indesgestion feeling is down but I still don't know what is going on. I have not really had a bowel movement since the morning of June 17th. I have been constipated. Also this week I have dealt with a feeling of butterflies or anxiety in my stomach not sure why.

But I do want to add since I got sick June 16th. I have not had any chewing tobacco. I have chewed for about 14 years and have been chew free this whole week. May contribute to some symptoms?

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