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I was diagnosed with EOE back in 2007 after increasing difficulty swallowing.
I am not currently on insurance so I am trying to self treat and eat the best I can. My main issue is my severe anxiety/panic disorder and swallowing with my EOE.
I have had impactions that feel like a golf ball stuck in between my esophagus and windpipe, right in that area. Nothing will come up or down and its scared me so bad and triggers a severe panic attack every time, that now I cannot eat solid foods because of my fear and the dysphagia. So its half and half.
Even the tiniest morsel of food not chewed up enough I can feel go down and I'm so scared its going to stick.
I have been on a pureed and liquid diet for about 8 months now. I puree everything from soup, to chili, smoothies and all different kinds of juice.
I guess my main question is, can I get adequate nutrition from pureed foods and juices? I also drink 2 carnation instant breakfast drinks with whole milk every morning.
What vitamin supplements an I add to make sure I'm getting everything I need?
We were on a trip for a few days and its so hard to bring a blender to puree my food and find places that are friendly to me to eat out with my family. I honestly don't mind I just want to live and to thrive, making sure I'm getting the nutrition I need.
Thank you so much! God Bless!

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