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Wow, reading your post made me feel like it was something I wrote. I started having problems in May 2003. I was scoped and had a barium enema w/ xrays done and was told that I had gastritis and an duodenal ulcer. I was put on Prevacid and did okay for about a month. When I came off the Prevacid, I started having intense pains which I suspected to be the ulcer again but now I believe it was a rebound effect from coming off the Prevacid.

I saw another GI and was scoped again and was told that the stomach looked fine except for some mild gastritis. The doctor looked at the pictures from my other EGD and said that he wouldn't even consider what I had as a duodenal ulcer but more as inflammation. So I don't really know if I ever had an ulcer but I do know that I had gastritis and I testes negative for the h-pylori both times.

The pain continued and I kept switching ppis because I thought thats what I needed since it seemed to work the first month when my problems first started. The ppis were not working and the doctor wasn't being much help so I went to a nutritionist. He told me to quit taking the ppi and he put me on a nutritional program. I felt some relief but never totally felt 100%. I also started suffering from naussea that was really terrible. I never got sick but just felt sick. I finally broke down and started taking Limbitrol which is a combination of Amitryptiline and an antispasmodic. The naussea did go away which was great. I have had blood tests, colonoscopy, HIDA, ultrasound, abdominal ct scan and the tests already mentioned. So far nothing has been found so I have been told that I have IBS.

I'm really not satisfied with the IBS diagnosis because I don't have the classic IBS symptoms (Rome criteria). My doctor's response to that was that you can have IBS and not follow the criteria. I have researched many IBS boards and I am rather convinced that I don't have IBS.

I did lose a lot of weight when this first started but I have been able to gain some of it back. My major symptoms are a constant fullness and an URQ discomfort. The URQ discomfort is in the area where I believe the stomach connects to the small intestine. When I eat or don't eat, I always feel the discomfort in that area. I don't know if I have a gallbladder, stomach, pancreas or duodenal problem but I do know that something there isn't right. I have tried so many different things but nothing seems to really help. I am also taking the Mastica as a just in case for the h-pylori. What bothers me the most is how the URQ discomfort never goes away. The only time the discomfort changes is when it goes from being the usual mild and nagging discomfort to a pretty bad discomfort.

My problems have affected my quality of life very much. I am scheduled to see another GI early next year to get another opinion. I also have thought about Gastroparesis and I have not been tested for it. I may wait until I see the next GI doctor before I have any more tests. I may also start taking the Limbitrol twice a day instead of of once a day to see if it helps. My doctor has wanted me to take one at night and one in the morning but it makes me tired so I have been taken the one in the morning.

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear about your experience. Good luck learning to cope with your condition. Hopefully there will be a cure for gastroparesis soon.

I have not been diagnosed for gastric emptying and I will probably wait until I see the next GI for my second opinion. Even though I feel full most of the time, I do eat and I am able to eat a lot if I want. That's the thing that really makes me wonder if I have gastroparesis since most people I see with it have problems eating because they feel extremely full even after eating a small amount of food. That's still not to say that I could have a mild case of gastroparesis. Digestive disorders are confusing because they share many of the same symptoms. It makes me wonder what is the triggering symptom that makes the doctor think of a particular disease especially when you are talking about the digestive system. I have listed all my symptoms out for the doctors and they just want to jump straight to IBS and stress. I have been the one to push for the tests and I am sure that I will have to push for the gastroparesis test too.

What has been the hardest thing for me is the constant annoying upper abdominal discomfort. I think I may have more than one problem going on with one of them being a muscular problem. I say that because of a few reasons. One is that the disomfort is always there. Most digestive disorders I read about don't have a constant discomfort meaning that usually something triggers pain like eating and there is usually some sort of relief at some time. That is unless you have some chronic disease like gallbladder disease or pancreatitis (which I hope that I don't have). Another reason (and the one that really makes me think it may be something muscular) is things that I do to make the discomfort worse. If I lie on my back, the discomfort almost completely dissappears. When I stand up, the pressure exerted on my abdomen from gravity alone will make it hurt. And if while I am standing I lean slightly forward, the extra contracting of my stomach muscles really makes the discomfort flare up. Also, if I play any sort of sport that cause me to twist my abs like golf or bowling, the disomfort qill really flare up. My doctor has suggested that I might have coschondritis (mispelled?) but the discomfort isn't really in my ribs.

The muscular problem is just me speculating because I haven't seen other disorders with symptoms triggered by sports or standing up. The muscular problem doesn't explain the gastritis I was diagnosed with awhile back or the nausea. The bad thing about a muscular problem is that it may not be seen by a diagnostic machine so i don't really know how to go about getting it diagnosed assuming that is what it is.

Well sorry I went on a self-diagnosis rant. Good luck with your gastroparesis and I hope that you are able to find relief.

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