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[QUOTE=Katie G]Hi there - I had real problems sleeping too after GB removal (back in '97) along with severe nightmares that would wake me up several times a night. This lasted for about 2 weeks. My doc said it was probably from after effects of the anesthesia and if it didn't clear up in 2-3 weeks, then I would have to go in for a check-up. Fortunately it did stop after that. I also had a lot of post-op pain making it difficult to roll from side to side in bed and that woke me up too.

Hope you feel better soon.

Katie G[/QUOTE]

Hi all,
I feel like a broken record but I must say it again....I hate it all of us are having the same problem and treating it with Acid Reducers per the docs......I feel it may be low acid and it you look low acid is hard on the gallbladder, gives heartpalps, anxiety(which I too have the xanax and did use it sparingly in fact havent used it since nov)all of our symptons are the same for low and high acid and if you are taking a reducer that would show why none of these work if you indeed have not acid........there are many "reducers for high acid" but only one basically for low acid.....look at the symptoms of Low acid stomach and see if these are not your symptoms and if the high is not working with reducers it would stand to reason try the method for low and check with your doc if need be....they hate to do the old test for low acid it use to take a while and most of the new physicians always say nah! ...but think of our diets today....and search the low acid me it makes sense and i am doing the low approach and this morning i did my first one and didnt have near the feeling i had had but it will take time i had had this sense oct that i know but looking back i had alot of the symptons for as long as a year or soooooo thought it was the big M....anyway just check it out and let me know what you decided.......or thought Friends helping friends, grannyd

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